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10 Fabulous wedding video invitations that you must try


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Wedding Video Invitations have become the new rage among millennial couples as they have become affordable and customizable to suit the needs of a larger audience. Wedding Wishlist, one of the leading portals offering a variety of wedding services have their own range of eye-catching wedding video invitations some of which is given below.

Bohemian Flute

This wedding video invitation will be perfect for free-spirited unconventional couples who love doing things differently. True to its name, the Bohemian Flute is all about celebrating a couple’s offbeat artistic sensibilities with a matching tune to go with the visuals.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life wedding video invitation is a symbol of the lasting bond shared by a couple, wherein their relationship grows stronger with each passing day, through a mutual appreciation of each other’s unique tastes and preferences.

Marigold Garden

Marigold flowers are widely used in Indian celebrations especially in weddings as they signify the happiness and the festive mood of the occasion. Why to leave your wedding invitation alone from its influence when there is an option of a Marigold Garden themed video invitation.

Midnight Dreams

This wedding video invite reminds the couple that the life they had always dreamt together was finally about to begin through a ceremony, with all their near and dear ones in attendance to bless and wish them for a happy married life.

Warli Art

Native to the Sahyadri region of Maharashtra, Warli Art depicts the indigenous culture of the local tribal population with great importance being given to Mother Nature and her resources. A couple opting for a video invitation with this backdrop can help spread awareness about this ancient folk art form.

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Life’s a beach

When life grants you all the riches that you could ever ask for, it is only natural that you put your feet up and rejoice about your blissful state. Life’s a Beach serves to convey this message in full glory to its intended audience.

Vintage Garden

A wedding video invites with a “paradise on earth” theme together with adorning flowers and branches seamlessly appearing across the length of the video is a sight to behold for many. You sure do not want to miss out on this!

Sacred Chant

How about a divine wedding video invitation seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha for an auspicious occasion? Together with its soothing music, this video invite creates a sense of aura around the wedding ceremony.

Peacock in Love

If you wish to make your wedding a spectacle in the eyes of all your guests, then you need a wedding video invite that matches everyone’s expectations in terms of design, content, and music which are all found in the right mix in this beautiful digital invite.

Shimmering Lights

The wavering light and the filmy music make Shimmering Lights an attractive proposition for any couple as this video invite will be very engaging for guests and makes the wedding an event to look forward to for everyone involved.

So, go ahead and pick your first wedding video invite!

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