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Benefits Of Direct Shear Testing Equipment


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Technology has become advanced and so are the people. Earlier the use of different technologies was only concerned with the Information Technology sector. But today, it applies to almost every sector in the different forms. Only very few of us are aware of the testing equipment as they are much underrated. But the role of this testing equipment in our life is major. While starting or undertaking any construction process many tests are being performed on them. We are not aware of those tests as they are having their technical applications.


But the result that we get from the various testing equipment is used for our safety. There are so many testing machines available which are used to perform different tests of different material which are used in the process of construction. It includes soil testing, rock testing, cement testing, and bitumen testing or testing the strength of the materials used in the construction process. Direct shear testing is also one of the testing used for the soil. Direct shear apparatus are used for the purpose of this test. Many companies are available in the marketing who are offering this testing equipment and you must carefully choose yours.

Many models like electronic direct shear apparatus, computer-controlled shear apparatus or digital direct shear apparatus, etc are available for the testing. They all offer a different set of features which is the basis of selecting the right and suitable model. The direct shear tests are used for measuring the shear strain between the two parts of the soil sample taken. The shear strength is then measured from it. The shear strength means the resistance of the sample soil in relation to the shear strain. It depends on many other factors like moisture density etc.

The shear test is basically done in two stages. There are many advantages of constructing the direct shear test. Some of the following advantages are discussed as follows:

  • Easy measure: This is an easy and direct measure to calculate the shear strength as it is not easy to calculate the shear strength of the soil.
  • Easy procedure: There is some equipment whose procedure of testing is too difficult to understand as well as to perform. But in the case of the direct shear test, the procedure is easy to be constructed as well as easier to understand.
  • Sample preparing: The preparation of the sample is a difficult task but in the case of direct shear testing it is easy to prepare and select the sample to be used.
  • Applicable to all soil types: The application of direct shear testing is to all the soil types rather than for one or two.
  • Helps in determining different strengths: It is helpful in determining the different strengths including both peak and shear strength.

So, these are the following advantages of using direct shear testing. There are many direct shear testing equipment suppliers and you can choose from them. Choose the one which offers you variety in direct shear apparatus so that you can easily make your decision.

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