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1000-Lb Sisters: How Much Do Amy and Tammy Actually Make?!?


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TLC introduced viewers to the 1000-Lb Sisters back on New Year’s Day of 2020.

Since that time, fans have gotten to know Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton very well, going inside their very personal struggles to lose weight and to live a more healthy lifestyle.

At one point, Amy qualified for gastric bypass surgery, got pregnant with her first child and is now expecting her second.

Conversely? When it comes to Tammy?

She packed on too many pounds in 2021… to the point that she’s since checked into a rehab facility and will reportedly remain there until this summer.

While observers wonder whether or not there will be a Season 4 of 1000-Lb Sisters, many are now also asking whether the siblings need there to be.

In other words:

How much do the Slatons make from this TLC program? How much would a potential series cancelation affect their bank accounts and their life in general?

According to the website Market Realist, Amy Slaton has a net worth of approximately $250,000.

She runs a pretty successful YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers and also charges $50 per Cameo video to fans who ask for a personalized message.

We can’t say for certain how much of Amy’s net worth is tied to her 1000-Lb Sisters salary, but it may be far less than many folks presume.

As it turns out, not every person on television is raking it in.

“For those docu-ensembles, especially if they’re nobodies, per episode it ranges from low-end, like $1,500 an episode, to $3,000 at the high end,” Business Insider as reported in the past.

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“And then after three years of success, it can go up to $7,000 to $10,000 an episode.

“After that, you start moving into the Kardashian level.”

The Kardashians, of course, made millions from their deal with E! and recently signed an even bigger contract to move their reality show to Hulu.

Neither Amy nor Tammy is close to this sort of financial territory.

Tammy, meanwhile, has an estimated net worth of $100,000.

She has a much smaller YouTube presence than her sister, with nearly 150,000 subscribers on the video-sharing website.

Moreover, Amy recently revealed that Tammy is paying her own way through rehab and, as a result, will no longer be able to afford rent to stay in her Kentucky duplex.

Amy will be there to help, though.

“Tammy’s social security pays [for the rehab], it takes her whole social security check, the show isn’t paying,” Amy told The Sun last week of her sibling checking into an undisclosed facility, adding:

“When she comes out she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there.

“I’m not sure when she’s gonna come back, but I know that she’s getting the help she needs. If she needs to be up there for a year, two years, that’s fine. She needs the help.”

A renewal would go a long way toward assisting with Tammy’s financial needs, but TLC has not yet committed to Season 4.

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And neither has Amy.

“I’ve been on the show for three years. At first, it was easy, but now that I have [15-month old son] Gage it’s like, he doesn’t want me out of his sight,” Amy also told The Sun.

“I like the crew most, filming can be stressful, you’re there all day and you have to say stuff over and over again. I love the relationship with the crew.

“But it’s stressful right now, [Gage] needs a lot of attention.”

Amy is also pregnant again. As for how she makes ends meet with a growing family?

“I can’t discuss how much I get paid, but that’s my main job and posting videos on YouTube,” Amy explained before saying of a plausible fourth season:

“We don’t know [when it will resume].

“We’re waiting to hear back from the network.”

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