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Kim Kardashian Raves Over “And Just Like That,” Praises Sarah Jessica Parker


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HBO Max’s Sex and the City revival has been one of the most-discussed and most polarizing revivals in recent memory.

Last week, the And Just Like That … season finale aired.

Like so many people, Kim Kardashian has been too busy to watch everything as it airs.

Kim is caught up now, and liveblogged parts of the finale to praise the series and its star, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Kim Kardashian has her own show to promote.

The Kardashians will premiere in just two months on Hulu as the family makes its leap into the world of streaming.

But Kim made time to watch the things that she loves, too. Not even Kim is all business.

This week, Kim took to her Instagram Story to liveblog her viewing of the HBO Max series’ finale.

“I’m just finally catching up on last week’s episode,” she shared with her Instagram followers.

“And,” Kim expressed, “this show makes so happy.”

Kim Kardashian IG watching AJLT 01 of 02

“And I’m also really happy that Miranda is a redhead again,” Kim expressed.

She wrote these words alongside a photo of her screen (how old people liveblog things) of Cynthia Nixon sporting her iconic look.

Earlier in the revival, Miranda’s hair had better resembled Cynthia’s natural, age-appropriate gray tones.

Kim Kardashian IG watching AJLT 02 of 02

Kim also praised the show’s star, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the bonkers Carrie Bradshaw.

She shared a snap of Carrie spreading the ashes of her late husband (played by the now disgraced Chris Noth) at a memorable bridge in Paris.

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“The most stunning kindest human being @sarahjessicaparker,” Kim raved.


“#AndJustLikeThat This show makes me so happy!” Kim declared.

This was not her first time posting about the series.

In December, Kim wrote: “I will always ride or die for @sarahjessicaparker and Sex & the City or ‘And Just Like That.'”

And Just Like That … might not be of the same level of quality as HBO Max’s other originals, like Peacemaker or Young Justice or the wild Gossip Girl spinoff.

However, the revival has managed to entertain audiences with outlandish choices.

Most notably, just as the series began, Chris Noth’s character was killed off seemingly at random while riding his Peloton.

Chris Noth peloton ad still 01 of 02

This of course triggered a sequences of events that blew up in the faces of everyone involved.

First, Peloton revealed that this stunning scene, featuring their brand at the center of a character’s death, was a surprise to them.

The company had not been warned, and potentially risked a negative association (well, more negative than how people already view the oft-memed brand).

Chris Noth peloton ad still 02 of 02

Then, Peloton had a genuinely inventive idea — through Ryan Reynold’s advertising company, they ran an ad featuring Chris Noth.

In the ad, he was alive and well (and strongly hinted to be Mr. Big, his SATC character).

It was a cute moment and a wildly clever marketing moment.

Then, with Chris Noth making headlines for the first time in, let’s face it, a very long time, multiple women came forward.

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They accused the actor of sexual assault, describing incidents in which consent (and withdrawal of consent) were allegedly ignored.

Though he initially denied the allegations and affirmed that “no means no,” he did not deny knowing the woman or having these encounters with them.

The revelation of these personal tragedies could have also been (less importantly) a marketing disaster for the revival.

Instead, the scandal seemed more focused upon Noth himself than upon the show, which had already killed off his character.

HBO Max announced the additional move of editing out Noth from the season finale, and just like that, he was recast as a container of ashes.


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