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In the constantly evolving and fast-paced digital landscape at... is the best alternative to Wikipedia. Here you will get updates regarding technical occurrences, health, pets, grooming, and lifestyle. unfurls the issues faced by internet users and provides solutions in a comprehensive manner. It delivers top-notch content to its viewers from diverse fields. All the articles that are published here are well-researched and documented. Once you visit this site you really cannot leave the hold on it. From things as simple as creating a Gmail ID to complex issues such as Linux software, insurance plans, and Cryptocurrencies, all have been thoroughly covered. Though the name is, it will fulfill more than 101 desires.  

What is

Created by skilled developers consisting of a team of Google Workspace experts that will provide a holistic solution to your issues. is based on a leading blogging platform named WordPress. Here you will find solutions to issues such as Google Drive, cloud storage, blockchain, and crypto, Google Workspace, health, fitness, and other general issues regarding the internet and software. Not only these major genres but it also covers a deep analysis of Finance related topics such as Tax and Insurance. Now talking about desires, people are often fond of having a hobby, so this website also covers an exhaustive list regarding creative activities such as crafts and DIY. will enhance your knowledge regarding all the topics mentioned previously and also keep you updated with current technical, financial, or other scenarios of day-to-day activity. You can use their tutorial to fulfill all your unfinished desires.

Advantages and striking features of

High-Quality content available for free – provides high-quality content to readers that have undergone research at many levels and empower users with deep knowledge. All the contents are free on the website and have been explained with the help of easy tutorials that are handy for a person who is not tech-savvy. If it was not for then you might have to shell out a few bucks from your pocket to attend a boot camp for the same. is easy to navigate – Although solves complex problems regarding cloud storage, G-suite, crypto, and other tech issues, their website is still similar to all other websites and is super easy to navigate. Once you reach the site, you can easily gain information about various topics by just navigating the categories that have been arranged in an orderly fashion. There is also a search bar on the homepage from where you can search for any topic by typing the name there and it will show all the related topics with that name in the search result for you.

Easy to comprehend – The language used in is not jargon. uses a simple English language that is easy to understand and provides solutions to complex topics in the same language. All the articles on this website explain any complex issue in a tabular format that is broken into easy steps. Any reader can easily understand the information they are trying to convey as they use layman’s terms in their articles. After the end of each article, they also provide a conclusion that provides more clarity to readers and helps them in decision-making.

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A diverse set of niches covered – The niches that covers are mostly based on techs such as Google-drive, Cloud storage, and Google Suite/Workspace but there is also abundant information regarding financial topics such as Tax saving, Insurance policies, and budget planning which most of the sites do not cover. Even if you come across such sites, they only discuss the topics in a superficial manner with no option for feedback. Here at, you can give feedback and also seek information regarding topics of your choice. Apart from this it also covers topics regarding health and wellness.

Keep you updated – You are aware of the fact that our future is largely dependent on AI and technology. site keeps you updated with all the recent news in the technology sector to give you an upper hand. Plus most of the sites, newspapers, and news agencies largely ignore the “science and tech” related news and their articles largely cover news about celebrity gossip which is of no use to the individual. With such journalism, only the celebs and media houses gain attention so makes a generous attempt to not misguide the public and give them the news that is actually beneficial for them in real life.

How to reach 

The steps to reading the site are the same as those you followed to reach this blog. You have to type in the search bar and open the first result. On arriving here you will find recent tech-related news on the homepage and the list of the genres that are mentioned below. You can visit the site for recent updates about health & fitness, Crypto, Cloud storage, and more.

How to contact 

If you would like to request, complain or give suggestions regarding the contents of the website, you can email them to this ID –

Your queries will be answered within a short span of time.

Here is the list of Niches that covers

As soon as you reach the homepage of you will see some Niches in the top right-end corner along with the search bar. Also if you scroll down a bit, you will see a “Categories” section where some additional Niches are mentioned. You can easily search articles from the following categories and read them. The list of all the niches with a brief explanation is given below:

Cloud Storage – Cloud storage is a method of storing files over an online server rather than a physical device. For example, online games store their data on the cloud so that when the player visits the site next time, he has to begin from where he left off instead of beginning from scratch. explains the architecture of cloud storage and how it is beneficial for us. Not only this also covers the in-depth analysis of other cloud storage such as Amazon Web Services, Google Drive, and other Crypto Storage using blockchain technology. is no less than a gold mine for college students who are pursuing their studies in computers. 

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Google Drive – Most internet users frequently use Google services in one way or the other. Google Drive is one such service of Google where you can store files on the cloud so that even if your hardware is broken or has been stolen, you are able to retrieve the data on the new device. So has a category that deals with the tips and tricks of Google Drive only. They also provide solutions to some unorthodox problems related to Google Admin Tools. Following their tutorials, you can even convert Google Drive into a hard drive on your computer. 

G-Suite/Google Workspace – G-suite is an integrated software platform where you can manage your business effectively. Google Workspace provides chat, video calls, calendars, tasks, and other features that are necessary for the smooth functioning of an organization. site provides the detailed utility of each individual app such as Google Voice, Google Meet, and others, and gives you a deep analysis of the competitor apps so that next time when you require one for your business, you can make a clear-cut decision by reading the features of all the apps.

Software – The term software itself is vast and encapsulates all apps, systems software, operating systems, and other software. covers all these topics. You can find information regarding AJAX, Google Colab, Linux, and other software on this site that will be beneficial for you if you are working on one. To acquire new skills regarding new technologies, you can refer to this site for deeper insight. 

Internet – People have become tech-savvy in recent years because that is what is required in today’s world. The Internet on the other hand is dynamic and is updated with newer information each second. Using the Internet and social media may be complex for some people therefore keeps you updated with recent trends that follow. It also makes the readers aware of various scams that are happening either online or offline. It showcases how an entrepreneur can efficiently manage social media and boost business using Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other channels.

Computer – Another generic category in is regarding computers. Life as a human is not enough when it comes to understanding the functioning of a computer. explains all the hardware and software components of the computer in a comprehensive manner. First, it begins with the teardown of a microprocessor and then to as high as SMPS and VPN technologies. If you are a beginner in the field of computers, then you must visit the website. 

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Crypto – Only the top one percent of the world’s population is aware of Cryptocurrencies while most of the population is still devoid of that knowledge. Cryptocurrency or also called Crypto is a new means of currencies that are not issued by any Central Bank of a country but by individuals using blockchain technology. makes an attempt to address the users with this new form of currency. tears down the whole process and explains to the readers from the barter system to this system. Gaining knowledge from this site will keep you informed about the working of blockchain technology and any regulatory decisions that the government makes either to boost or culminate the Crypto trade. 

Health & Fitness – covers this category as well it will guide you about diet, supplements, diseases and natural remedies for common ailments like viral fever. You can try their resolutions and see if they really work for you.

Tax and Insurance – also takes care of your taxes and insurance. Term insurance, insurance for pets, tax saving schemes and all have been covered diligently on this website. Following the tips and tricks from these sites, you can plan your financial goals accordingly that too free of cost. All the articles that are published here are written by experts so you can be free about any anomalies that exist.

Tips & Tricks – This is the category that most people do not search for. 101 desires site has a few generic tips and tricks regarding everyone in their domain. If you visit any Youtube tutorial, you will have to go through ads and have to waste a long time in the description for a simple tutorial of creating a Telegram ID. But on this website, you can easily follow the steps mentioned without any infuriating ads on your path.  You can find tutorials for topics such as tracking a UPI Number, using Telegram to increase your audience, and much more. 

Conclusion is a unique website that involves a panel of experts. Here you will find all tech-related topics with a generous amount of Health and Fitness articles. Still, all is not positive regarding the website as the articles are posted after a long gap which can be understood from the fact that they undergo thorough research by the experts before being published. 

Here are some FAQs regarding the site

What is

101 Desires is a repository of technical content regarding Google Workspace, Blockchain, Crypto, and other topics that are written by experts in respective domains. The contents of the website are unique such as converting Google Drive into an actual hard drive on your hard disk. 

Why are contents not uploaded regularly in

As previously mentioned, contains articles that are well-researched before publishing and have to undergo several checks from the hands of experts before being published so there is a delay in content posting on their behalf. 

Is for me? is for everyone. The articles posted here are written in a lucid manner. The breakdown of complex terms such as blockchain, Crypto, or Github is really praiseworthy. It covers all the aspects of the topic from readers’ as well as experts’ points of view.

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