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4 key advantages of gaming translation


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Gaming translation converts one or more game assets, such as text and dialogue, into different target languages. This is particularly important to cater to the needs of gamers in international markets. 

Studies show that most users will not bother to download a game if it isn’t available in their first language. With gaming translations, you establish credibility in foreign markets. Moreover, your downloads increase, game rankings improve, and sales get a boost.

Here is why you would like to start translating your game. 

Increase in sales

Currently, more than 7 billion live on this planet Earth. This is true that not all of them play games. So, let’s just remove the youngest, the oldest, and non-gamers from the equation. Still, we may have about 3 billion people who enjoy games. If you think this could be an exaggeration, you can discard half of that number. Now what if all of them download your game? Won’t you become very rich?

There is a problem, however. Not all of them will download your game. If your game is in English, it will get access to only 27% of the global market. But you want to rule the entire gaming world. For this, you must come up with languages that have the highest potential for online sales.

For instance, you can use gaming translation services to translate your game into Simplified Chinese, Spanish, or Japanese. Other popular languages that you can choose from include German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Russian.  

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Don’t think that translating your game into this many languages will be expensive. Rather think about generating billions in sales when users around the world are able to access your game. 

Increase in downloads

An increase in sales is directly linked to an increase in downloads. But how to increase your game downloads? It becomes easy when you widen your market. To achieve this, many game developers and publishers work with a translation agency. They have the expertise to translate your game in a way that fits your target audiences. As a result, you reach and attract more gamers from different corners of the world.

Take the example of Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, etc. These countries are home to huge gaming markets. Moreover, users in such countries have limited English proficiency. They give more preference to their native languages. So, your best bet is to reach them in their local language. 

The preference for native language isn’t confined to Asian countries. Even gamers in big European countries like Germany, France, and Italy also love their own language. Despite the fact that their proficiency in English is on the higher side.

Similarly, you can’t ignore Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. They have a huge population of gamers. Studies show that when some businesses translated their games into multiple languages, they saw an almost 128% increase in their download rate. The download rate was even higher in countries such as China and Japan. 

All this indicates why you need to translate your game if you want to boost your downloads.

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Corner the competition

When it comes to game translation, there are two different viewpoints. In the first method, you take the initiative and be proactive in making strategic plans. This includes selecting the target countries, cultures, languages, and dialects for your translation project. 

The second method is a reactive one. In this scenario, you get recommendations and feedback from your players to tailor your game and supporting materials. For instance, your gaming company or platform uses a website for promotional and marketing activities.  If the users tell you to provide your game promotions in their native language, you will follow the reactive technique to localize your website with the help of some website localization services.

The end result of both approaches is the same. Your gaming business becomes competitive in markets around the world. By making your game available in multiple languages, you will have a better chance of staying ahead of the curve and beating the local competition. 

Improvement in user satisfaction

Translating your game into the preferred language of your users is an easy and effective way to please them. Going that extra mile will earn you a lot of new followers who endorse your game and leave positive reviews. Simply because you made them realize that the game was originally created in their native language.

Today, almost all game developers and publishers want to provide their users with an immersive experience. However, this was not the case if we go into the past. Previously, the gamers will have to follow a predetermined course like they would climb up, hit the cube, reclaim the flower, and so on. But now the gaming companies provide players with an option to decide the game direction. They also let the players choose a game character whose personality would serve as a great motivator for them.

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This is why you must also translate your game so that the gamers feel immersed in playing their own stories. The more languages you translate, the more happy and satisfied gamers will play the game you developed for them. Since your translated game will have no confusion in its storyline, users will feel satisfied. 


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