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5 best ideas for boosting engagement in virtual events


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Giving participants the chance to communicate with one another and connect with your business ensures the success of any event, whether it is online or offline. After all, the purpose of gatherings is to encourage networking, inquiries, and learning. 

Organizing a hybrid event plus attempting to interact with two distinct audiences — both personally as well as online — makes this more challenging. 

Starting with a strong online event system that can connect your guests and presenters with amusing and practical features is the fundamental step toward making events more interactive.

Attendee engagement is essential for organizing a virtual session that generates value. According to 49% of marketers, engaging guests successfully is the key to hosting a successful virtual event, yet many organizers lack the skills to do so. In fact, according to events in America, 39% of business attendees admitted to dozing off at a certain point, while 91% confessed to daydreaming through meetings.

Why is involvement so difficult? 

Many event planners mistakenly believe that increasing attendance at online events can be achieved by simply bringing in well-known speakers to offer lectures or presentations on a certain subject. Remember that virtual gatherings may be participatory settings where participants can gain knowledge from and engage with thought leaders and experts, as well as converse & network with other business people. Having engaged attendees as opposed to passive participation is what makes an event memorable as opposed to flat. 

We’ve compiled virtual event engagement ideas on how to ensure that your upcoming event is interactive, engaging, and meaningful if you own a business and are having trouble raising engagement during your virtual events. 

  1. Describe what you mean by “good engagement” and what results it can produce in terms of ROI ‍: Increasing participation at your online events can produce greater business results in terms of higher-quality lead generation, elevated brand recognition, and other areas. Set key event goals before hosting a virtual event, and then consider how successful engagement might help you achieve those goals. For instance, allowing attendees to view a product demo as well as consume marketing materials can help you execute efficiently and focused post-event nurturing when one of your objectives is to create leads for your company or that of your sponsors. 

    It’s crucial to pick a good virtual event solution that makes it simple to monitor and assess the effect of participation on your ROI. You may more effectively design your post-event marketing tactics and campaign messaging by, for example, being able to identify which session topics generated the greatest interaction and the questions that participants had during those sessions. ‍
  2. Select a platform for virtual events that allows customization: You may use interaction and involvement in innovative ways with a platform that provides a configurable interface, several widget types, and interactive tools, giving your audience so much more than just a lineup of speakers on a stage. 

    Don’t misunderstand us. Although having excellent speakers is crucial, it does not automatically increase engagement. Your platform should include features like a Q&A section or a chat, at the very least, to encourage participants to participate in conversations and ask questions. Without it, the conversation will be biased, and no one like that. Remember too that even the greatest of us have short attention spans. Provide a range of options for people to participate in your event. 
  3. Making polls: Utilizing polls is one of the finest ways to increase audience participation. Additionally, it is the simplest approach to learning what your audience thinks of your occasion, item, and brand. 

    You can share several poll kinds regarding the event or concerning anything specific that occurred during the event while you are hosting a virtual event. Participants are given the opportunity to voice their opinions, evaluate the online event, as well as share any comments they may have. You can plan the next engagement to be larger and more successful by having a better understanding of what your audience thought of your last event. 
  4. Make your material more accessible by using translators: Improving inclusion and accessibility is one method to significantly boost engagement. You may accomplish this easily by having your material translated into several languages. Given that the event is being held online and isn’t local to the area you’re in, you can expect attendees from other nations will be present. 

    Your participants will feel more at ease participating if the information is translated. 
  5. Encourage real-time, interactive sessions: The flow of an event is destroyed by the absence of in-person conversations. You may foster a feeling of community within your event by providing possibilities for real-time communication with your online attendees. 

    If you designate areas for in-person sociability, you can assist your participants in developing new connections and relationships, just way impromptu talks do at offline events. An essential component of this is networking facilitation
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 With the proper platform, you can boost participation at any virtual event and give it real value and lasting impact for everyone who takes part. Remember the advice provided in this article, and select a platform that can carry out all of it. You can build a fantastic, captivating virtual experience that everyone will be discussing & talking around for many years to come with just a little ingenuity and customizability.


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