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5 Careers That Allow You to Travel the World


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If you have an ambition to travel the world, you either have to have a lot of money at your disposal, or a career that allows or requires you to travel. Some careers are simply ones that allow you to work from anywhere in the world that you choose, while others will require you to find jobs in the locations you’d like to explore. Which will be right for you? In this article we’re going to look at some of the career directions you could consider. 

However, before you settle on a wandering lifestyle, you should do a little thinking. For example, if your job takes you away from home for much of the year, how will it affect your relationships with family members and friends? Are you flexible enough to make yourself comfortable in countries and cultures that may differ substantially from your own? And, very importantly, will you have access to healthcare if things go wrong? If good facilities are available, making sure you can afford them is as simple as getting multi trip travel insurance that offers full health cover. 

With these basics thoroughly weighed and provided for, let’s jump in and look at some of the careers that may satisfy your wanderlust. 

1. High-End Hospitality

There are lots of low-level jobs in the hospitality industry, but if you’re thinking of building a proper career as you travel, you’ll be looking for something a little more high-end. You’ll be hoping to work for some of the top hotels and tourist resorts around the world, and to prepare yourself for it, you’ll probably need some training. Fortunately, there are many types of jobs in the hotel industry ranging from hotel management to administration. Improve your chances of being considered for posts by obtaining qualifications and getting some experience. 

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2. The Travel Industry

Since you’re interested in travel, the travel industry itself could be right for you. Travel agents are often invited to resorts around the world when package deals are being negotiated, and since your hosts are looking for your recommendation, you’ll get the very best hospitality they can offer. Lower down the organizational ladder, people working as travel agents are often offered discounted or even free trips as a perk of the job. It’s an extremely competitive field, but if you can succeed in it, it offers you an opportunity for a reasonably well-paid job with travel thrown in. 

3. Education

Teachers are in demand all over the world and teaching jobs vary from posts at international schools catering for the children of expats to the less-well-paid, but nevertheless adventurous, journeys of those who teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). TEFL qualifications come from a relatively short course that probably won’t lead to teaching posts back home. For a higher paid and longer-term career, you’ll need a degree or diploma in teaching for more conventional teaching jobs. 

4. Caregiving

There’s a huge demand for people who are able to look after disabled and elderly individuals. There are numerous training options for caregivers, and being certified will help you land a job. A more ambitious nursing qualification offers greater flexibility and upward mobility. A caregiver’s salary can depend on prior experience, the amount of care needed, and any additional responsibilities involved. However, before tackling this job, ensure you can handle its demands. Caregiving can be arduous work with little time off, but making a positive difference in someone else’s life is rewarding. You will need to be adaptable, genuinely caring, and very patient, and in return, you will find that employers cover many of your costs, including travel from your home country.

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5. Become a Digital Nomad

If you’re really good at getting things done with computers, you can start your own business or work through various agencies from any country you like. It’s not only popular with the very young, but you will need to be sure of your abilities and earning power before you set out. And, since many digital nomads are independent workers with no real “employer” you will need to make up for the lack of support by making sure you can provide for your own needs. 

Apart from your insurance policies, be sure to have a substantial contingency fund to support you if the unexpected happens and you’re unable to work or suddenly have to return home because of a family emergency. The advantage of this work and travel plan is that you have absolute freedom. Your options include all the areas of specialization involved in digital marketing, working for companies that subscribe to a digital workplace model, as well as a range of remote IT services – in fact, anything that allows you to work online. 

If You Already Have a Skill, See if it Will Travel

There are a great many more possibilities when it comes to careers that allow for travel – in fact, there are too many to list. Before you consider a career change, think about what you already can do, like owner operator tank jobs, and whether it could be used in a traveling context. For example, fitness instructors can look for posts at hotels and resorts or even on cruise ships. Doctors and other medical personnel will also find demand for their services in just about any country they wish to visit, and truck drivers can find work just about anywhere too. It’s entirely possible that your career will travel without you having to change direction or even upskill, so explore your options and get ready to see the world.

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