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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Behavioral Health Private Practice


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So you’ve finally earned that medical degree and are about to step into the world of clinical practice. You’ve worked hard, and it is finally time that pays off and you start helping people.

Behavioral health specialists are in high demand in almost every part of the world. Most practitioners prefer associating with a healthcare center, while others choose to practice solo with a business of their own.

The prospect is exciting, but medical businesses can go belly-up because of a bad start. This article is dedicated to ensuring that the same doesn’t happen to you.

How To Give Your Behavioral Health Practice The Right Start

Here are the mistakes you shouldn’t make when starting a health practice business that caters to behavioral problems:

Not Having a Business Plan

The most significant mistake you cannot afford is treating your practice as anything but a business. It can lead to the series of mistakes you’ll find below, including not having a business plan.

For instance, things are different with a solid backup or funding. But if not, you will have to decide whether you can take on the challenge of practicing solo. A better option can be integrated practice, where your clinic caters to a wide range of illnesses, not just behavior related.

Without a business plan, you’re not thinking about the future of your business – how and when you’re going to expand. This may not cause it to fail, but in 5 years, you’ll be stuck where you are today.

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Not Taking Care Of Finances

Because it is a business, your behavioral health care practice will involve finances. And this, in turn, will require your involvement in the matter to keep things going.

Charging the right fees is usually not an issue that budding behavioral health specialists face. However, collecting it, keeping track of it, and taking care of reimbursements are major concerns in the long run. Thus comes the need for reliable IT software and equipment because manual bookkeeping is inefficient and time-consuming.

Software providers like Psyquel develop user-friendly behavioral health billing solutions. They understand the unique needs of behavioral health practices and hence target the problems that most therapists face.

With Psyquel’s behavioral health billing software, you can manage your clinic’s finances and other aspects, such as saving medical records, scheduling appointments, and so on. It is high-utility software that benefits both experienced and novice behavioral health practitioners.

Not Investing In A Good Location

The location of the clinic plays a huge role in the success or failure of behavioral health specialists. There are several qualities it must possess, so choose it accordingly.

For starters, it has to be located in a manner that patients find easily accessible. Then there are factors such as whether the location has heavier footfall, the presence of other medical facilities nearby (such as pharmacies), parking availability, the kind of competition you’ll face, and so on.

Not Focusing on Marketing

Even if you’re the sole behavioral health specialist in your town, it is always a good idea to market your services to let folk know of your presence. Considering that you’ll neither have the time nor experience to do so yourself, it is best to hire a professional marketing agency.

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You may not opt for fancy stuff initially, and some basic social media advertisements and a website would do. You can then upgrade your marketing and choose advanced means as your business grows. 

Not Hiring Staff to Help You Out

Starting a behavioral health practice requires investment, so you must be conscious about where you spend. Although, the “I can manage it all” mindset will soon turn out to be a headache. Especially when you have to attend to countless patients, take care of the clinic, and manage the day-to-day business daily.

Hiring staff when you have barely any visitors may not make sense. But as the business picks up pace, you will need the right people to keep accelerating it. 

When you do choose to hire people for your clinic, make sure they are as hardworking and passionate as you are. Inefficient staff will slow down the growth of a behavioral care specialist.

Now You Know What Not To Do 

Setting up a medical clinic and starting your practice is a challenge at first, but soon it will be self-sufficient. While you provide mental health care to your patients, it will take care of you. 

Sustaining and keeping one’s medical practice profitable is the end goal, isn’t it? Now’s the time to focus on how to get your practice up and running. 

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