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5 Reasons You Should Consider Sending Gift Cards


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Gift cards are a go-to for customers for a variety of reasons, including seamless simplicity, purchasing flexibility, choice possibilities, and consistent gift-recipient approval.

Gift cards are even more appealing to businesses. These cards are used by merchants all over the world to raise awareness and increase sales. They can help you engage your clients and keep them coming back by incorporating them into your marketing mix.

But what are some other reasons that may convince you to start sending gift cards? If you are interested to learn more about this topic, keep reading.

But first, what exactly is a gift card?

A gift card can be used in stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other places. You deposit a certain amount of money onto the card, which you or the gift recipient can spend at any location that accepts it.

Open-loop and closed-loop gift cards are the two types of gift cards. An open-loop gift card can be used wherever that particular brand of card is accepted.

A closed-loop card, on the other hand, can only be used at specific businesses. If you buy a Starbucks or Amazon gift card, for example, you or the recipient can only use it at the store that provided it.

You should also know that there are virtual gift cards. A virtual card that may be used in your store to make transactions. Digital gift cards, also known as e-gift cards or electronic gift cards, are distributed through email and contain a gift number assigned by the business.

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When you have an indecisive customer at your store, these cards are incredibly useful. Many brands provide digital gift cards in various denominations. The validity and usability of the card are determined by the seller’s price range and terms and conditions.

If this sounds interesting, you should definitely check out Hoppier’s ideas for virtual gift cards that you can send to your business partners or even employees. Just remember to consider your business type carefully along with the budget you have.

5 gift card benefits you can enjoy

Let’s take a look at the exact benefits your business can enjoy if you decide to start sending out gift cards.

Attracting new clients

Gift cards are the most effective when used at a business that accepts credit cards for products or services that the majority of people want or need. One example of this is an electronics store that stocks higher-priced items that many consumers wouldn’t typically purchase.

Gift cards entice customers who might not otherwise stop by your store to have a look. This could lead to additional purchases in the future.

Building brand awareness

Gift cards are a low-cost form of promotion that can help keep your company in front of your target market.

Traditional plastic cards are wallet-sized advertisements that may be used to spread your organization’s message for a fraction of the expense of a physical billboard. On the other hand, virtual gift cards enhance your brand messaging with online clients in addition to being convenient.

Helping your holiday sales

Traditional retail companies no longer experience holiday sales rushes. However, gift cards are a great way for all kinds of businesses to get into the Christmas or Halloween spirit.

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Gift card programs may make the holidays brighter for everyone (whatever their interests are) with everything from gym memberships to car wash subscriptions, lawn care, home maintenance, and salon services.

Sales booster

Despite the fact that gift cards are frequently pre-loaded with a specified value, many buyers will wind up paying more.

Customers are more likely to enter the business and browse the merchandise if they have a gift card. Once they start shopping, it’s likely that they’ll locate something that costs slightly more than the value of the gift card.

Even if you only pay a quarter of the price, it is still preferable to paying the full amount, and your customer will be pleased.


Paper gift certificates have a long history of appeal and remain economically viable on a modest scale. Gift cards, on the other hand, are safer and easier to use than paper certificates, which were prone to losses, theft, and fraud due to duplication.

Gift cards can be accepted the same way credit and debit cards are in terms of convenience:

  • Online;
  • On your smartphone;
  • In a physical location.

Final thoughts

A modern gift card program can be simple and economical to start, regardless of the size and vertical of your company. There’s no reason not to give this idea a chance because it can most likely improve the relationship you have with your customers.

So, consider the benefits listed above and find good ways to implement a good gift card program for your business.

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