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Becoming a team leader. What you need to know


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Thinking of a promotion, you need to take many factors into account. To create and maintain a thriving and productive working environment for the team, a leader should possess not only professional hard skills but also become a talented manager. However, it’s easier said than done. At first sight, the list of necessary competencies is endless, so we might feel deeply confused about what to start with. 

In this article, we are going to examine the most crucial management skills one has to master immediately. 

Delegating tasks

Good team leaders understand they can’t and shouldn’t do everything on their own. The approach when you can trust only yourself to get things done correctly is faulty. Even the most experienced employees make mistakes. If no one can question your decision and offer an alternative, the working environment will soon become toxic. Without mutual professional recognition, your staff will doubt every step you take. You will think they are underqualified and don’t deserve responsible tasks. Delegate! Acknowledge you can cope with all the duties. Get to know your team better, so you know what they are capable of. Start with a limited amount of tasks (and if suddenly someone fails to fulfil them, it won’t have disastrous consequences for the workflow), show trust and intervene when you see that the help is much needed.

Project management

Your company might have project managers. However, you need to learn some of the skills they possess too. Understanding core principles of project management, a team leader will create accurate time frames for achieving results in the project, set a milestone planning template, allocate the workforce effectively, and successfully avoid operational problems. You will become better at assessing risks and using resources. Good team leaders know how to deal with specialized planning software, applications, and tools. Such skills are available everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are working as a school teacher or looking for a job as a cloud engineer. Any task is easier to accomplish if you have a plan. 

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Conflict management

Clashes in the workplace are inevitable. We have different opinions on the same things, and most of us are ready to defend our values and ideas. Although people try to solve the problems peacefully, accidents still take place. What does a team leader have to do with them? You need to examine the situation and how to tackle it. However, the best thing is to prevent conflicts and build a thriving working environment where people feel comfortable. If they are not distracted by conflicts, the team productivity rises. As a team leader, you are in charge of creating a friendly and productive atmosphere at work. Colleagues shouldn’t be best friends. Yet, their cooperation must be based on mutual respect, trust, and values.

All the skills mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. To become a good team leader, you need to learn a lot. However, being good at conflict management,  planning, and delegating will 100% make your resume more attractive. Employees who know how to provide the team with clear tasks, trust them and let fulfil responsible duties are always in demand. Furthermore, the ability to prevent disputes or successfully tackle them is crucial for creating and maintaining a healthy working environment. Team leaders with a high level of employee satisfaction make a difference. 


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