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6 cabinet colors that complement white countertops


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Well, having white countertops is a luxury in your home. For sure, they elevate the look and value of your place. You may be wondering about the cabinet colors now. There are many cabinet colors out there that will go perfectly with your white slab. In this case, Forevermark cabinets have a series of collections to go with your white counter.

Although, many people prefer white cabinets in all-white kitchens. But, you can choose any dark or mid-tone to pair with your white slab. Ice-white, black, espresso, dark brown, red, and more such tones are available in stained and glazed cabinets. So, you can use your aesthetic sense to contrast or match one or more colors with white counters.

Do you feel exhausted from the talk? In that case, let’s see what colors complement the white kitchen counter. The six best color tones are below:

  1. White on white
  2. Espresso cabinets
  3. Sage green cabinets
  4. Greystone Forevermark cabinets
  5. Bold and dramatic colors
  6. Cherry glaze cabinets

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1. White on white:

The white kitchen theme is a hot trend since 2019. It is a classic choice to go for all-white kitchens. Also, white exists in many undertones that go well with any counter and tiles. To create an all-white kitchen, pair white cabinets with a white counter and a white subway tile backsplash. As a result, you cannot take your eyes off the kitchen.

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Moreover, you can choose the best ice-white tone from the shaker-style collection. This way, you will bring a touch of innovation and elegance to your cooking area. 

2. Espresso cabinets:

For those who do not know, espresso is a dark chocolatey color. These shaker-style cabinets are ideal for adding depth and character to your home. Also, their sleek door designs look natural and cozy in a kitchen area. The reason is that these cabinets are so versatile that you can pair them with light and dark counters. So, espresso cabinets will look perfect with white kitchen counters. Plus, they are best for both contemporary and traditional themes. 

3. Sage green cabinets:

If you own white Carrara marble in your cooking area, sage green is a go-to color for you. It is a subtle but unique color tone that you rarely see in homes. Like the timeless beauty of white marble, this green shade will look stunning on your kitchen counter. In the same way, it works well for a modern-style kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen area, this combo will make it look spacious and airy. Also, this one is the best idea for open cooking places as well. Choose frameless cabinets to go with this theme.

4. Greystone Forevermark cabinets:

Well, no kitchen talk is complete without grey color cabinets. Grey is the most soothing mid-tone. Similarly, it comes in many different tones. In this case, grey stone Forevermark kitchen cabinets are the best choice ever. It is a clean and sleek dark grey tone that looks stunning with your white slab. Also, this dark grey color will give a modern outlook to your studio apartment. Plus, it will complement the veiny pattern of your marble countertop.    

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5. Bold and dramatic colors:

Want to give an accent to your kitchen? Go for bold and dramatic color in kitchen cabinets. Pop-up colors like blue, yellow, red, green, and black are the best shades to create a custom kitchen. But, not everyone dares to try these colors. Despite being bold, these colors can match the lighter tone of your white counter.

  • Red cabinets: the red color is by far the most popular choice in cabinets. It gives a bold accent to your white walls, tiles, and slab. 
  • Blue cabinets: several shades of blue are in kitchen trends since 2021. So, you have navy blue, aqua blue, cobalt blue, and ocean blue to pair with white counters. 
  • Black: it is the most striking color to contrast with white slabs. A black and white kitchen with black and white tiles gives a dramatic look to your home.
  • Bright yellow: if you have seen yellow cabinet, you know what I mean. It’s bright and fresh for your white walls.

6. Cherry glaze cabinets:

This one is from Forevermark’s K-series of cabinetry. Any color palette will look good in a kitchen. It is one of the hot shades after shaker-style cabinets. So, the cherry glaze is a color tone that will complement your white counter. For the best kitchen decor, you can visit Kitchen Design Gallery. Also, it is ideal for traditional kitchens. It is classic and timeless for every home. In addition, it comes in various door styles. So, make the best of this color tone.


That’s it for now. It does not matter what the theme of your kitchen is. You can choose from the above six colors to go with your white kitchen counter. For a simple and elegant look, opt for white or sage green cabinet. Or, you can go for greystone Forevermark cabinets to create an inviting place. In addition, you have bold and dark colors to make a statement kitchen. So, go ahead and visit the kitchen design gallery for exciting choices. 

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