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4 Unique Ways to be Artistic with Blinds


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Old and unused blinds can cause clutter in your home. They’re difficult to store and pack away in your wardrobe, due to their irregular, elongated shapes. Why not rather, use them in other creative ways that can elevate your home?

Yes, after installing your new blinds or awnings Melbourne locals can repurpose the old ones in some creative ways. Whether dealing with Venetian blinds, Roman shades or awnings, read on as we discuss how you can give your old blinds new life, by giving them either artistic or utility value.   

Use Slats to Create Wall Pictures

Blinds of various types, from vertical, Venetian and shades to panel blinds, can be used to create art canvasses. You could join the different slats of your old blinds to create unified art pieces for your interior walls.

You can even create a different image on each slat, so it adds to the décor theme you’re trying to create. For example, you could use four vertical slats to each resemble the four different seasons of the year. Also, you could use seven slats to mimic or represent the seven colours of the rainbow, and so on. There’s no limit once you get the creative juices flowing!

Similarly, Venetian blinds can be used. For example, combine several horizontal slats to create different horizons at different times of the year. These same slats can also be colour-coded according to the theme of your room. If your room is set up with a rustic feel, create decor that resemble warmer colours of brown, red or yellow.

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Use Shades as Canvasses

Rather than using slats to build a picture, you can simply use shades as standalone canvasses. Old Roman or roller shades can be pinned to your wall, while showing off a refined image that can elevate your interior aesthetics. 

If you’re artsy – or if you know someone who is – then paint a beautiful picture of anything you’d like on these materials. Simple material paints or certain pastel crayons can work well on them.

Wooden panels used for your window coverings or pleated blinds can also serve you well in terms of artistic drawings. The shades would then essentially act as picture frames that you can nail, pin or hang onto your walls, similarly to the slats mentioned above. 

Create Other Decor Options

After separating and picking and choosing the best old blinds to use for your decor, you can use some of them to create eye-catching art pieces. You’ll have to dig deep into your creative side! Think of ways you can use slats of different shapes and sizes to decorate your interior.

A simple pair of scissors, glue, materials and paint – along with your creative flair – could be all you need to create something unique. You can:

  • Cut out and glue together slats of different lengths and widths to create a variety of ornaments. 
  • Use multiple slats and glue them around a circular object – like a mirror – to create a star-like figure. This can then be placed on a wall or table.
  • Paint, cut out and bend slats in different ways to use to space inside a vase or jar, either to resemble plants or anything else significant. 
  • While using the slats in a horizontal position, you can attach decorated and amended slats to the backrests of chairs to add to the appeal of your interior. 
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It’s an approach that helps you add your personal flair to a space!

Transform Wooden Blinds into Shades

If your existing wooden or bamboo blinds are old and jagged, you can transform them by covering them with fabrics of your choice. This will ensure they add to your interior look and feel just the way you want them to. It would also essentially convert them into Roman shades, but with your desired look.

If you’re opting for a floral design in your lounge, or a fruity element in your kitchen, you can use fabrics with these themes. Pick what works best for you in each room! You’ll need some fabric glue and scissors, and after carefully taking down all the measurements, wrap the fabric around your existing blinds.

Not only will this create new imagery for a room you’re a bit bored with, but it will rejuvenate a space and add some fresh appeal that will make visitors feel welcome. 

Final Words

Why not take this approach outside? After installing your folding arm awnings Melbourne locals love to use outside, why not use older blinds from inside the house as decoration for that shaded area? It will give the exterior of the home some character and you’ll love spending time there, looking at your handiwork. 

Aside from creating aesthetically pleasing décor variations from your old blinds, you can incorporate them for other purposes as well. You can use them as bookmarks, plant markers in your gardens or as elements for your children’s toys.

Time to get creative!

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