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6 Signs You Need An Emergency Dentist


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Most people are now aware of the importance of dental hygiene and care. Everyone wants to maintain good oral health. Usually, we have our gums and teeth checked at least once a year.

Sometimes, we need to have dental care beyond the scheduled visits. Some minor problems can be treated at the same time as routine check-ups. Sometimes, however, you just cannot wait until your turn to see the dentist. What is an emergency that requires immediate attention from the dentist?

These are the 6 most important signs that you should see an emergency dentist:

  1. Toothache That Is Unbearable And Severe

Some toothaches can suddenly develop and become out of control. The constant throbbing pain is so severe that no home remedies such as ice or any type of balm or antibiotic gel can help. The constant throbbing pain is so severe that it makes it difficult to sleep, and even more difficult to lie down.

  1. You May Experience Severe Bleeding From Your Teeth

Sometimes bleeding can occur after vigorous brushing, or after chewing on hard foods. This is usually stopped by a cold water gargle or an ice pack. If the bleeding continues for more than a few minutes, it is best to visit the emergency dental clinic in Grayslake, IL, immediately. If you continue to bleed even after brushing and flossing, this could indicate that there are more serious issues with your gum.

  1. Sudden Tooth Removal Due To Gum Disease Or Accident

It is possible to lose a tooth suddenly after childhood. Adult teeth become more mature and capable of helping you eat, talk, and have a good social life. There must be a reason why you have loose teeth. If you are involved in an accident and your tooth is damaged or falls off, you can have a tooth loosened.

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This can be very distressing and you should immediately seek help from your dentist. You should not allow the tooth to fall out of an accident or sports injury. Instead, contact your dentist immediately. It is important to ensure that your other teeth, as well as your jaws, are not damaged or are healthy. Your dentist will have a better chance of replanting the tooth if it is kept clean, preferably in milk.

  1. Jaw Swelling

This could indicate a serious infection, such as a salivary gland infection. Swelling of the jaw or mouth, difficulty swallowing, fever, and breathing difficulties are all signs of a serious infection. An infection is typically bacterial and results from a blockage of salivary glands.

  1. Mouth Or Cheek Swelling

Symptoms of an infection include swelling and reddening. One of the most serious situations is a mouth infection. If your face is swollen, it may be due to swelling in the cheeks, gums, or lymph nodes. If you notice swelling growing, it is important to consult your dentist immediately.

  1. A Sore Or Growth That Becomes More Severe

If the sore persists for more than a few days it is best to make an appointment with your dentist, even if it is still several weeks away. Also, growth is a cause for concern. This could indicate a malignancy. The dentist can examine the growth and identify abnormalities that may not have been noticed by the patient. To rule out cancerous growths, it is best to have your sore or growth examined as soon as possible by a dentist. Although canker sores are common, infected sores should be considered a concern.

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