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7 Easiest And Interesting DIYs For Christmas Tree Decor


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Christmas is a bunch of happiness and fun. This is the time when all the loved ones come together and do a celebration. But for this happiness and celebration, we have to pay a lot. As you heard, good things never come from the easy way. Christmas is also like that. Here we have to make an effort. As you all know, how much hard work we all have to do for the Christmas celebration. If you will ask me about my Christmas. First, let me tell you, my Christmas shopping starts on the 1st of December. But still, I forget so many things. Because it’s obvious you have to do the shopping for Christmas decorations, after that you have to decorate your home. After that, food, games, guest list, music, and party. There are a number of things, we all have to do. So it’s obvious to forget things while shopping. So today, I will share some 100% effective and quick DIY for Christmas tree decoration. Last year, I forgot so many important things about Christmas tree decor items. I was shocked, how could I forget. But then I used these DIYs and my Christmas tree looked so beautiful.


We all know the importance of stars in Christmas tree decoration. So if you forget to buy stars in decoration. Don’t worry, I have a solution. This DIY will definitely help you. Just take the strainer that you use to strain the raw material of the Christmas cakes. After that, take chart paper, or cartoon piece just cut it in a star shape. Now apply glue in it, and strain the glitter in equal proportion on it. Leave it for a few minutes, just to dry. Look, your star is ready, now go and decorate.

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Santa Claus

Oh what to do, it’s Christmas, and forget to buy small Santas for the Christmas tree decor or you have bought a few Santas but now need more. Don’t worry, I am sure you have a chart paper, if not, then don’t be panicked. As we all know, our loved ones send flowers online during Christmas. Put the flowers in a vase and you can draw your Santa on the bouquet paper. Just draw and cut it into the proper Santa shape, color it, and your Santa Claus is ready.


Garland, is also one of the most important parts of Christmas tree decor. But you forget to buy, now what to do. Now, we will make a garland with real flowers. Yes, it will take a few minutes and some flowers. In fact, you can use artificial flowers or real flowers, whatever you have. But none of the options is available at your home. Don’t panic, when you order a cake, just order both cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. Your problem is solved now.

Glitter balls

Now, which DIY we can use for glitter balls. I am sure, you have last year’s glitter balls. Just wash it very well, let it be dry completely. After that, stick glitter in it. Here your new glitter ball is ready. Look how easy and quick.

Small gifts

You know this is my most favorite DIY of Christmas tree decorations. Because it’s super tasty. If you don’t have a small gift for hanging in the Christmas tree. Don’t you need to worry? I am sure you have lots of gift wrapping sheets in your home, also you have some candies or toffee. Just take one candy or toffee and wrap it with a gift wrap sheet.  Your small and cute gift is ready.

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Oh, shit forgot to buy cotton now how will the snow be created. Just calm down, sprinkle some all-purpose flour, on the leaves of the Christmas tree. You’re quick and easy snow-ready. But yes, now you have to buy all-purpose flour for making new year cake.

Santa Claus shocks

You can order online, but if you don’t have time, try this DIY. Take some red clothes and stitch yourself. You can use your kid red old sweaters. Use sweater sleeves. It will look like real red shocks of Santa Claus.

So hey, guys these are the few DIYs that will definitely help you a lot. All these DIYs are not too time-consuming. And don’t need lots of things. The best part about these DIYs, you will not regret forgetting to buy those things. Yes, the most important thing, it will help you to manage your Christmas budget. Because all these DIYs are pocket friendly. So first use these DIYs and thank me later.

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