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7 Vaping Techniques You Probably Didn’t Know


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In the last few years, vaping seems to be taking over society by storm. Initially, e-cigarettes with vaping nicotine liquid became highly popular, after which cannabis users swiftly held on to the fact that they could consume marijuana herb with a vape pen. 

What makes vaping different from traditional smoking is combustion. Combustion of cigarettes can lead to the inhalation of carcinogenic chemicals, whereas vaping doesn’t appear to cause harm to the same degree. 

Besides the fact that these fancy pocket-sized devices with eleaf invoke mod can concentrate flavor and smooth vapor, you can learn some fantastic vaping techniques you probably didn’t know. Let’s explore the top seven vaping techniques of all time. 

  1. The Ghost Inhale

The perfect option for beginners to learn how to do amazing vape tricks, Ghost Inhale, a.k.a Snape Inhale, is the one. It involves blowing out a Casper-like vapor before sucking it quickly back in. 

How to do it: 

Take a long MTL drag and allow it to linger in the mouth for a few seconds, and then blow out the vapor in a ball shape. Right after that, swiftly inhale the vapor back into your mouth. Don’t force the vapor, and hold your breath for a sec. Yes! It is that easy. Try it now.

  1. The French Inhale

Often referred to as Irish Waterfall, the French Inhale is one of the most popular vaping techniques. From the mouth, the vapor flows upward and inhales through nostrils, giving a reverse picturesque view of the waterfall. 

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How to do it: 

Inhale the vapor and let it settle in your mouth for a bit. Afterward, slightly open your mouth while pushing your lower jaw out and let the vapor exit naturally. You have to inhale through your nostrils during the whole practice constantly. 

  1. Blowing an O

One of the easiest tricks to get the hang of is blowing an O. So, grab your vaping pens and start practicing. 

How to do it:

Without fully inhaling the vapor, take a long drag and exhale firmly through your nose. Simultaneously, the exhalation process creates a block in the middle by using your tongue or the center of your lips. 

  1. The Tornado

Immensely popular in the vaping community, the Tornado has taken the internet by storm. The technique of whipping a vapor on a flat surface and spinning up into a Tornado shape looks pretty intriguing and not that tricky. 

How to do to it: 

Find a flat surface and exhale a flat pool of vapor carefully. Inhale as much vapor you can; keep in mind that the vapor has to be thick—the more, the merrier. 

Then, swiftly chop the vapor surface with your hands while flicking your wrist upwards. Ensure you are fast enough to do it all in a single go. 

  1. The Vape Bend

For this, you need to get a good hang of the blowing O technique. The Vape Bend technique involves blowing a smoke ring directed with your hands. 

How to do it: 

Ensure you have the correct PG/VG ratio in e-liquid for getting dense and heavy O’s that won’t vanish quickly. Exhale a nice heavy vapor ring and try to move the air with your open palms. Make sure while doing it, your fingers are close, don’t move too fast, and avoid touching the vapor ring. 

  1. The Dragon

The dragon is one of the trendiest vape techniques as it makes you put off as a dangerous show because of its over-the-top appeal. 

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How to do it:

As menace as it may sound, it is one of the easiest vape tricks to perform. You need to take a drag and exhale it through your nose and both the corners of your mouth forcefully. Ensure your lips are sealed tightly from the middle. 

  1. The Jellyfish

Without a doubt, the Jellyfish vaping technique tops the list. This advanced trick will up your vaping cred for sure. There are many variations, but the conjecture is to push a small O through a larger O ring so that they combine and look like a jellyfish.

How to do it:

To start with, you’ll need first to excel blowing O rings and vape bend. For jellyfish, you need to make back-to-back two vapor rings. First, blow a large and thick ring, swiftly blow a smaller ring in the center, and push it through the ring forcefully to combine and create a jellyfish shape. 

To make it more theatrical, blow some vapor right in the middle to add a little flair. 

To Summarize:

Vaping is a better way to get your smoke hit, and it may seem healthier than traditional smoking so far. But does this mean vaping is better for your lungs? Well, we can’t state for sure as there are no facts to justify a yes or no. 

But vaping is taking the world by storm, and if you want to get on top of your vaping game, grab your vaping pens and follow the steps mentioned above. 


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