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90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Sumit Singh’s DREAM is to Live With His Parents!


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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 9, several couples saw some long overdue honesty.

The most painful part of this by far was Sumit’s mother’s two-faced visit to their home.

Despite her status as a guest, she ordered Jenny about and insulted her … but the worst came from Sumit himself.

Ariela is still awaiting baby Avi’s surgery, but tensions are flaring long distance as she and Biniyam fight.

Corey keeps begging Evelin to take him back, but they’ll need a marriage counselor’s help.

Wholesome news has Kenneth missing home more than ever.

Alina has been testing Steven in more ways than one, and let’s just say that he’s bringing down the class average.

Steven’s mad that she’s been testing him. And she’s mad that he failed so spectacularly.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh

Sahna and Anil have moved in for a few days, and have interpreted the role of “houseguests” to mean the people who are in charge. Whether it’s a desire to please her potential in-laws or just allowing it for the sake of having a storyline, Jenny is going along with this … even when Sahna orders her about in her own kitchen.

Oh no

Oh no

Realizing that she can say anything to Jenny’s face that she wants, Sahna just begins insulting her while wearing a smile, calling her “useless” because she’s not familiar with how to make a specific dish.

Jenny thinks that it’s going well

Jenny thinks that it's going well

With the language barrier preventing Jenny from understanding Sahna’s hurtful words, she thinks that they’re having positive interactions and bonding over preparing the food together. For the first time, she thinks that this visit might work out like Sumit hopes instead of how she dreads.

The insults continue

The insults continue

Unfortunately, this is just a taste of the cruel words that will follow.

The food turns out great

The food turns out great

It’s potato curry. Sahna then voices the expectation that Jenny will dutifully prepare this for Sumit. Instead of clapping back, Jenny promises that she will — but Sahna then voices her doubts.

The language barrier can only do so much

The language barrier can only do so much

Jenny can immediately see though the tone and facial expressions that Sahna is using that she has nothing good to say about her. It’s true.

Sahna remains totally hung up on what other people will say

Sahna remains totally hung up on what other people will say

Expressing concerns that most people outgrow by the end of high school, Sahna is essentially saying that she doesn’t want to be seen with Jenny because other people are judgmental.

Okay WOW

Okay WOW

What Sahna fails to understand about these insults that she “fears” that others will make is that the person saying those things is a bad person, and it’s on Sahna for associating with them — not on Jenny for being the age that she is.

Anil jumps in … but not to help

Anil jumps in ... but not to help

He and Sahna both say that people will criticize Jenny (just as they have, apparently)



Jenny might not understand the words that they’re saying, but she gets the idea. Meanwhile, Sumit — who also has the task of translating this for Jenny — understands every cruel jab.

Jenny puts her foot down

Jenny puts her foot down

They’re in her home; she is not going to let them call her cruel names in her own home. At least, not when she knows that they’re doing it.

Sahna claims that she’s not insulting her

Sahna claims that she's not insulting her

We have several screenshots included in this recap that say otherwise. Saying “people will say” is not the wink and a nudge that Sahna thinks that it is.

Not even Sumit is buying it

Not even Sumit is buying it

He tells his mother that she’s not speaking with respect like she claims that she is.

Sumit doesn’t back down, even when they’re alone

Sumit doesn't back down, even when they're alone

He acknowledges that it’s not a realistic fantasy right now because of how his parents view and treat her, but says that he thinks that living together in harmony is the ideal, and seems almost surprised that it’s not what Jenny wants.

Jenny reacts to this like a normal person

Jenny reacts to this like a normal person

Sumit is a 33-year-old man who has confirmed that he’s very happy with how they’re living now. With zero financial or other incentives, he would want to live with his parents, the only obstacle being the tension between them and Jenny. That’s … very difficult to understand.

He didn’t always feel this way

He didn't always feel this way

Sumit says that the lockdown and the pandemic, when of course he had to go an extended period without seeing his family, made him feel that distance and want to be closer with them.

Sumit thinks that she would love it

Sumit thinks that she would love it

Even people who adore their parents or in laws generally prefer to live independently because of the independence. Deciding when to wake up, what to eat, and whether or not they want to burden themselves with pants (ugh) in their own homes are some of the simple freedoms that come with being an adult, but it sounds like Sumit would rather throw that all away to have his mom cook for him again. Jenny … if this is really how he feels, it’s time to come home. That’s not an easy thing to do, but this is untenable.

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre

Though Ariela and baby Avi have been in Princeton, New Jersey for weeks, they’ll be there for at least another month, because of the scheduling for Avi’s hernia surgery. Thankfully, though any surgery on a baby is serious (especially when it comes to anesthesia and vital organs), this is not as urgent as it could be.

Ariela is keeping in touch with Bini … despite his best efforts

Ariela is keeping in touch with Bini ... despite his best efforts

On camera, we see when she tries to call him (by the sounds, over Skype) only for the call to immediately disconnect. Ariela announces that he has turned off his phone, despite having promised to not keep doing this.

Oh, girl, this is MESSY

Oh, girl, this is MESSY

Ariela reveals that they’ve been arguing more and more, and clearly their text exchanges are contentious. Apparently, Biniyam is spending more and more time out with his friends, constantly going to nightclubs and working out, and doesn’t care about being out of contact. In other words, his existing bad behavior has only grown worse since her return to Princeton.

Why did he do it?

Why did he do it?

Because the two of them had had an argument, one spurred by their usual issues, by a miscommunication, and by being apart. Biniyam declared that she, the mother of his child, was “annoying,” so that’s why he set his phone to airplane mode.

Ariela replies with her concerns

Ariela replies with her concerns

She feels like he does not care, once again reiterating the same emotional neglect issues that have plagued their relationship since she was still pregnant. She also highlights how she feels powerless despite his accusations that she’s controlling — she wants to be able to reach him, and he wants to be allowed to be unreachable for stretches of time without hearing about it later.

Biniyam is impatient

Biniyam is impatient

Ariela does not control the surgeon’s schedule, but obviously, Avi needs to undergo surgery and recover before they make the return trip. Though, on last week’s episode, Ariela’s sister showed her some tough love, reminding her that she has a responsibility to her son to think about his future, not about her wanderlust or her fiance’s desires.

Biniyam also speaks about his friends

Biniyam also speaks about his friends

He says that they’ve been spending extra time with him to make sure that he’s not sad and bored with Ariela and Avi away. Meanwhile, we just have to ask … does Biniyam not have any indoor hobbies? We get that he’s out of work, but nobody “needs” to go live at nightclubs or the gym. Ethiopia has books. (We’re fondly thinking of the time that Rebecca Parrott bought then-fiance, now-husband Zied a game console because she knew that he’d be unable to work for months)

Biniyam promises to not pull this stunt again

Biniyam promises to not pull this stunt again

However, since he had previously vowed to not turn off his phone but did this anyway, it’s not clear how much this is worth.

Later, Biniyam is at an Ethiopian holiday

Later, Biniyam is at an Ethiopian holiday

Meskel is an Ethiopian Orthodox celebration. Biniyam is shown wishing that Ariela and Avi were there with him, which reminds some viewers of how one-sided this relationship is. Some couples convert to the same faith, others just do their own thing. With these two, we have seen a Jewish woman participate in numerous Christian rites and activities with no reciprocity. That seems like another problem to address.

Biniyam’s friends are totally on his side

Biniyam's friends are totally on his side

They act like he’s being a total weenie by even paying attention to his phone while he’s out and about with them, which is a red flag. They also call Ariela his wife, but they’re not married yet.

Biniyam also calls Ariela “jealous”

Biniyam also calls Ariela "jealous"

Interestingly, Biniyam has said that his ex-wife (who dumped him and accused him of cheating) and his ex-girlfriend, Tsion (who accused him of cheating but never confirmed it) are both jealous people. Which is more likely: that Biniyam just only gets into relationships with women who are irrationally jealous, or there’s something in particular about his behavior that invites jealousy? Something for us all to contemplate.

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas

Despite Evelin’s joke that Corey and Raul could be a new couple, Corey has moved out of Raul’s after one week and is now renting his own place. He has vowed to give Evelin space … but now, he’s invited her over for burgers.

Evelin accepted the invitation

Evelin accepted the invitation

Corey nervously explains to her as she comes up that he knows how much she likes his burgers so he’s making those. Some of the condiment containers are not what we’d be accustomed to here in the United States, but he’s making do.

Why did Evelin agree?

Why did Evelin agree?

She says that without him constantly pestering her for unearned forgiveness, she has been able to calm down. With time and space, she remembers how much she misses him.

But she hasn’t forgotten

But she hasn't forgotten

Dining just feet away from Corey’s beds, plural, means that things that Corey has done — such as Jenny from Peru — are on her mind.

But he’s SUPER sorry

But he's SUPER sorry

Corey tells her that he is eager to prove himself, whatever she needs.


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