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How Unbiased Review Forums are Battling Out Fake Reviews?


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Do you know 74% of consumers have read a fake review in the last year? Among 18-34 years old, the proportion is said to be even higher. Such statistics indicate how alarming the issue is. Most importantly, you cannot always spot fake reviews by merely reading through it. 100 and 1,000 of feedbacks are posted on review forums on a daily basis. The admin panels associated with unbiased or independently operated. Review forums like are constantly battling out such odds with the help of advanced strategies and other industry experts.

Here’s how review forums are identifying and eliminating the risks of fake reviews

1. Review forums run a lot of background check

Someone who’s trying to bring down the reputation of his/her competitor. It might ends up highlighting negative feedbacks for features that don’t exist in reality. For example, you cannot talk about or spread negativities regarding an imaginary feature and expect to get away with it. This is the reason all verified review forums have embraced the following strategies to verify how real a review is.

  • The moment one review is posted. Myassignmenthelp review forum admins would immediately visit the website of the company in question. They would figure out if the feature which has been boasted or bad-mouthed exists in reality.
  • They are dedicated to run their personal background. Check by getting in touch with real-time consumers. And figure out if the ratings posted by the user carry any relevance end of the day.
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This helps review forums to screen and eliminate all fake review from their portal with precision.

2. Reviewers’ profiles are instantly verified

The moment someone posts something about a particular product or service, review forum executives would instantly visit his/her profile in order to:

  • Find out if the reviewer is active on Google+ or other social media platforms with a good rating.
  • Track and evaluate their journey as a verified reviewer.
  • Check and confirm whether the reviewer uses the same words and descriptions in his/her feedbacks.
  • Fake reviewers are mostly aren’t native English speakers. Review forums like spend enough time evaluating the same.

With the backend executives cooperating and implementing such strategies to weed out fake reviews, the efforts put forth seem truly commendable.

3. Reviewers’ profile pictures are always under the scanner

Many fake reviewers try pulling photos from other people’s profiles, stock images and blogs. The backend executives associated with various review platforms run a reverse image search in order to track. Figure out the original source of the image in question.

This helps them to spot a fake reviewer immediately. Sites are taken against the person for violating the rules. The ethics related to posting online reviews. After all, using someone else’s photo and passing it off as your own is one major violation of internet ethics and strictly against cyber law.

Thus, it seems that online review forums are gradually buckling up to fight against all the odds of irrelevant and fake posts. Only expected to improve with each passing day.

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