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Add That Calm and Relaxing Feel to Your Bathroom With Neutral Illusions This Season


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It is scientifically proven that most individuals think about big and innovative things in the shower. Yes, it may surprise you, but that’s the fact. If you are also looking for some more inspiration, you may need to give a thought to your bathroom. Now, if you wonder it will ease the things that are quite messed up, let us tell you that it will probably not. However, it can turn your dream of having a luxurious bathroom into a reality. 

Today, we are here with some of the trending bathroom shower tiles design ideas that can turn the whole space from drab to fab quickly. We actually meant it will take much less time than one can imagine. 

So are you ready to discover them? Let’s get started! 

Mix and Match it Well 

We simply can’t deny the fact that granites are no more the accessories for those countertops anymore. The elegant tub surrounds and shower walls should be designed with some stone surfaced tiles or glossy subway tiles. They seem to be a suitable option because they are engineered to last, and they resist stain, mildew, and mold perfectly. Also, you can add a bit more accent to plain tile designs with some accent mosaics in both the tub and shower area. 

Let Modern Meet the Traditional 

Well, who says that one can’t have the best of both worlds? Definitely, you can do it in your bathroom too. Let modern meet chic trends with some eclectic white and gray mosaics. Here, you can also opt for other light-neutral colors. Without any doubt, gray has been the color amongst the hottest designs of 2021. So why not give that timeless look to the shower and tub area with trends like Waterfall grey arabesque glossy glass tile, Retro Neuve ocean star matte porcelain tile, or Platinum grey unique shapes glossy & iridescent glass tile. Which one will you choose? 

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Understand the Niche 

Expert architects and engineers worldwide believe that every small space can make a big difference, especially when that has that pleasing pop of color and interest. Putting it in simple words, they look at their best when giving them enough credit and effort. So, let your bathroom tiles dress up with Crystal Lagoon Aqua, Dust Blue, Periwinkle Blue, Ocean Floor Gray, and Tropical Blue-like illusional colors. 

Yes! Tile Size Matters 

When choosing the most dramatic bathroom shower tiles, then certainly, shape and size become the concern. Generally, remodel experts or architects suggest pairing larger tiles with the smaller ones as they expand the space. Or else, you can go ahead with using an inlay style and create something of your own. 

Let That Grout Be Colored 

Well, no one ever said that Grout could be only white. Let those different hues be your grout color. Whether you want to shoot the works with striking Turquoise Green or wish to keep it more subtle with grays, opals, or off-whites, colored Grout can be the well-kept secret. 

So what’s your take on remodeling your shower? Let us know in the comments section below!

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