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Agency Essentials: Must-Have Templates for Every Creative Professional


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Are you a creative professional in search of the best templates for your agency? We have all the answers. Creating an effective proposal can be a complex task, which is why we’ve compiled a list of must-have templates for every creative professional out there. Whether you’re looking to draft a basic project plan or create an agreement contract with your clients, agency templates will help streamline your workflow and make sure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Basic Proposal Template

You should have a basic proposal template in your arsenal, and it’s one of the most important. This template can be used for any type of client, project, or service.

The first thing you want to include is an overview of your agency and the services you offer. You should also include a description of the project at hand, along with any relevant details like how long it will take and what kind of budget is required. Then there are some key areas where we often see people getting stuck:

  • Project Team – Who will be involved? Do they need special skills? What’s their role?
  • Timeline – How long will this take from start to finish? Are there deadlines milestones checkpoints along with deliverables (and so on)?
  • Budget – How much does this cost? Is there room for negotiation or not; if so, what kind has been agreed upon between both parties already before this stage begins…
  • And lastly, you want to include details about how the project will be managed. Will it be done in phases or in one big chunk? Are there any deliverables that need to be completed before moving on? What kind of communication is required throughout this process?
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Project Plan Template

A project plan is a document that outlines the steps needed to complete a project. It includes milestones, resources and timelines. Here are some tips on how to create one:

  • Start by writing down all of your tasks or goals for the project. These could be things like creating a logo, developing an ad campaign or designing an app. Then break each task into smaller parts with deadlines attached, so you can see how long each step will take and what needs doing next in order for everything else on your list to not only get completed but also get done on time!
  • The next thing you’ll want to include in this template is information about who will do what when they’re finished with their part of things (i.e., approving designs). This way, everyone knows exactly what needs doing, so there isn’t any confusion later down the line if something isn’t finished yet.

Project Schedule Template

Use this template to track the progress of your projects. You can use it as a checklist, or you can create multiple columns and use it as an Excel spreadsheet to track multiple projects, teams, clients and tasks.

  • Project Name: Enter the name of your project here (e.g., “Brand Identity”). This should be short but descriptive enough to help you keep track of what’s going on in each column below it (e.g., “Client Name” vs “Client Logo”).
  • Start Date-End Date: Enter when you plan on starting this project and when you expect it will end so that all team members know what they need to accomplish by those dates–and don’t forget about any deadlines!
  • Project Description: Use this space to write a short description of the project. This can be helpful if you’re working on multiple projects at once and want to keep them straight in your mind.
  • Steps: Use this column to list the steps you need to take in order to complete your project. This is helpful for keeping track of what needs to be done and when so that everyone on your team knows their responsibilities.
  • Notes/Comments: Use this column to store any notes or comments related to the project. This can be helpful if one of your team members isn’t in the office right now, and you want them to know what they should be working on when they return.
  • Resources: Use this column to list the resources you need for this project (e.g., equipment, software programs, etc.). This is helpful for keeping track of what tools are available and who can use them so that no one is working on something they shouldn’t be!
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Job Cost Estimate Template

The job cost estimate template should include:

  • Project description, including the project scope and expected duration of completion.
  • A list of all team members involved in the project, along with their roles and responsibilities.
  • A breakdown of estimated expenses for each category (e.g., equipment rental/purchase; travel expenses; materials). It’s important to note that this list will change over time as more details are learned about your client’s needs and wants during the initial discovery phase of any new project you take on–but having something down on paper will help keep things organized when the time comes!
  • A budget is a plan for spending and saving that helps you manage your money. It allows you to make the most of what you have by helping you decide how much to spend on things like housing, food, transportation, education and entertainment.

Contract Agreement Template

Contracts are an important part of any business. They can help you protect yourself and your clients, as well as ensure that both parties know the expectations for their project.

Contracts aren’t just for freelancers or agencies; they’re also useful for small businesses and startups to use when hiring employees or contractors.

Whether you’re creating a contract for work or something else, it’s best to have an agreement template on hand so that all parties involved in the transaction understand what is expected from them at every step along the way–and this document does just that!

Milestone Tracker Template

This is a simple but effective tool for managing your agency’s most important milestones. Keep track of all your projects’ milestones and dates, budget, description and owner information in one place.

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You can also add additional notes about each milestone if you need more space than what’s provided on the list below:

  • What is this milestone?
  • Why was it created?
  • Who is the owner of this milestone?
  • When does it need to be completed?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the next step in this project?
  • Who will be responsible for completing each milestone?

These Templates are Must-Haves for Any Agency

There are many agency templates that are must-haves for every professional. In this article, we have given you examples of what you should have in your agency and will help you get organized and stay organized. Templates save time, money, and energy by making it easy to do more with less effort–and they also make it easier to find the information that matters most at any given moment.


If you’re looking for a way to streamline your agency processes, these templates are a great place to start. They can help you keep everything from proposals and project plans to job cost estimates and contracts organized and easy to use.

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