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What’s the Cause of the Noise Coming from My Water Heater?


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When it comes to the coziness of your residence, a few elements are as crucial as having access to hot water. Your dependable water heater is the key to those delightful, stress-relieving showers after a demanding day at the office or the indulgent, steamy bath on a cold winter night. But what happens when this silent workhorse starts making strange, unsettling noises? If you’ve arrived here in pursuit of solutions, you’re in good hands with an Eastvale plumber service provider. Many homeowners in Eastvale, like you, have been puzzled by the mysterious sounds emanating from their water heaters.

The Unsettling Sounds

Your water heater, though a vital part of your home’s plumbing system, isn’t necessarily known for its silence. But there are times when it seems to go beyond the normal hums and gurgles, producing noises that can be downright unsettling. Before we delve into the potential causes, let’s take a moment to identify these mysterious sounds:

  1. Popping or crackling

Picture this: You’re quietly going about your evening, and suddenly, you hear what sounds like popcorn popping or crackling coming from your water heater. It’s not a pleasant surprise.

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2. Rumbling or booming

If you’ve ever been near your water heater and heard it emit a deep rumbling or booming sound, it can be rather alarming. Your water heater is not auditioning for a percussion band; there’s a reason behind these noises.

3. Hissing or sizzling

Sometimes, the water heater may hiss or sizzle, almost like it’s trying to communicate with you. Unfortunately, water heaters aren’t fluent in Morse code, so we need to decipher the message in other ways.

4. Whistling or screeching

Water heaters aren’t known for their singing talents, but a high-pitched whistle or screech can make you wonder if your water heater has picked up a new hobby.

The Culprits Behind the Commotion

Having pinpointed these unusual sounds means you need emergency plumbing services. But, first, let’s delve into the core issue: what’s responsible for your water heater producing this orchestra of noises? Below, we’ll explore some frequent suspects.:

  1. Sediment Buildup

Over time, sediments and minerals can accumulate at the bottom of your water heater’s tank. When the heating element activates, it warms up these accumulations, leading them to expand and generate the popping and crackling noises you perceive.

2. Overheating

If the thermostat on your water heater is configured at an excessively elevated level, it can lead to the water inside the tank becoming excessively hot. When this extremely heated water is discharged, it can lead to rumbling or thunderous sounds.

3. Pressure buildup

Excess pressure in your water heater can lead to hissing or sizzling sounds. This pressure can occur when the water temperature and pressure relief valve are malfunctioning or if there’s an issue with the expansion tank.

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4. Water Hammer

When water suddenly stops or changes direction within your plumbing system, it can create a shockwave known as a “water hammer.” This can lead to whistling or screeching sounds, usually heard when you turn off a faucet or an appliance that uses hot water.

5. Aged or faulty parts

Like any other appliance, your water heater can experience wear and tear. Aging or faulty parts, such as a worn-out heating element or a deteriorating anode rod, can produce unusual noises.

Addressing the issue

Now that we’ve uncovered the potential reasons for your water heater’s mysterious noises, the next step is to address the issue. While a few of these noises may not signal a substantial issue, others may necessitate prompt intervention. Here are some measures to contemplate:

1. Regular Maintenance

  • Scheduling annual maintenance for your water heater can help prevent sediment buildup and other issues.
  • Skilled plumbers in Eastvale have the expertise to perform a tank flush, inspect worn-out components, and verify the proper functioning of all parts.

2. Modify the thermostat setting

If excessive heat is the cause, contemplate lowering the thermostat to a more suitable and safe temperature. This action can not only diminish noise but also conserve energy.

3. Pressure Relief Valve

Have a plumber inspect and potentially replace the temperature and pressure relief valve if it’s not functioning correctly. This can help alleviate pressure-related noises.

4. Water Hammer Arrestor

To combat water hammer, consider installing water hammer arrestors at key plumbing fixtures. These devices absorb the shockwave, preventing noise and potential damage.

5. Consult a professional

If you’re unsure about the cause of the noises or if they persist despite your efforts, it’s good to consult the best plumbers in Eastvale. They can diagnose the issue accurately and provide the necessary repairs.

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Final Words

In conclusion, while a noisy water heater can be unsettling, it’s not an uncommon issue. Identifying the sounds and their potential causes can help you take appropriate action. Remember, regular maintenance and professional guidance can go a long way in ensuring your water heater operates silently and efficiently. Don’t let those unsettling sounds disrupt your comfort. Reach out to a trusted Eastvale plumber today to restore the tranquility of your home and enjoy the benefits of a smoothly functioning water heater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are some common unsettling noises that a water heater might make?

A1: Some common unsettling noises from a water heater include popping or crackling, rumbling or booming, hissing or sizzling, and whistling or screeching.

Q2: Why does a water heater make popping or crackling sounds?

A2: Sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank that expands and makes noise when heated frequently causes popping or crackling sounds in a water heater.

Q3: What can lead to rumbling or booming noises from a water heater?

A3: Rumbling or booming noises can occur when the thermostat is set too high, causing the water inside the tank to overheat and create a sound when released.

Q4: Why might a water heater hiss or sizzle? 

A4: Hissing or sizzling sounds can result from excess pressure in the water heater, often due to issues with the temperature and pressure relief valve or the expansion tank.

Q5: How can I address noisy water heater issues?

A5: To address noisy water heater problems, consider scheduling regular maintenance, adjusting the thermostat setting, inspecting and replacing faulty valves, installing water hammer arrestors, or consulting professional Eastvale plumbing services for accurate diagnosis and repairs.


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