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Ain Dubai, the world’s largest ferris wheel, is opening in Dubai


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Ferris wheels were once the center of the town fair. Now they are key parts of major metropolitan skylines.

But none can top the heights of the Ain Dubai meaning “Dubai Eye” in Arabic which is scheduled to open on Oct. 21.  With a height of 820 feet, it will be the tallest observation wheel in the world, towering 270 feet above Las Vegas’ High Roller observation wheel, which will fall to second place.

The attraction is the centerpiece of Bluewaters Island, an artificial island near the Dubai Marina that opened in 2018.

Double the size of the London Eye

“The record-breaking Ain Dubai eclipses the 165-meter Singapore Flyer and is almost double the size of the London Eye,” said Ronald Drake, the attraction’s general manager.

The structure has 48 enclosed cabins, some of which can fit up to 40 passengers. In total, 1,750 people can ride at the same time, according to the attraction, however, capacity is currently limited due to the global pandemic. As of now, up to 10 people can ride in each cabin, said Drake.

There are three styles of cabins on Ain Dubai — observation, social and private cabins.

Ain Dubai | Dubai Holding

Ferris vs. observation wheel

The first “ferris wheel” was introduced in 1893 for the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, according to the Smithsonian Magazine. Measuring 250 feet tall, the wheel was designed by a 33-year-old American civil engineer, George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., whose goal was to create a structure that could rival Paris’ Eiffel Tower, according to the magazine.

The world’s first ferris wheel was introduced in 1893, however, smaller version of ridable wheels already existed at the time. The illustration here shows the “Great Wheel” introduced in London in 1895.

duncan1890 | DigitalVision Vectors | Getty Images

Since then, ferris wheels have more than tripled in size. Now the term “observation wheel” is used to distinguish larger, more sophisticated ferris wheels, according to the Observation Wheel Directory, a website that bills itself as a “guide to the world’s largest ferris wheels.”

Tourism boost

The opening of Ain Dubai continues Dubai’s efforts to position itself as a global tourist attraction.

UAE needs to diversify away from oil and strengthen its other sectors.

Usman Khalid

Economist, United Arab Emirates University

“The focus on tourism has been one of the main diversification strategies of UAE and Dubai in particular,” according to Usman Khalid, assistant professor in economics at United Arab Emirates University. “Covid-19-induced oil volatility has made it evident that UAE needs to diversify away from oil and strengthen its other sectors.”

Unlike other parts of the UAE, Dubai does not produce much oil. Today, less than 1% of Dubai’s GDP comes from oil, according to the World Economic Forum. In 2018, tourism made up 11.5% of the emirate’s gross domestic product, according to the World Trade & Tourism Council.

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Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the 2,716-foot Burj Khalifa, which opened in 2010.

dblight | E+ | Getty Images

The emirate is also setting itself apart as an adventure tourism destination with new attractions for thrill-seekers. In July 2021, it launched the 200-foot Deep Dive Dubai the world’s deepest diving pool. In recent years, Dubai has also welcomed the world’s longest urban zipline, the XLine, and an Emirates A380 flight simulator at the Dubai Mall.

Alongside adventure and luxury tourism, Dubai has also amped up cultural tourism, according to Khalid. It is hosting the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, which will feature art, cuisine and technology from more than 190 countries. The event starts on Oct. 1 and ends on March 31.


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