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All That You Must Know About Merino Wool Shirts


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1. Let’s start with the most obvious – What are the Merino Shirts?

The Merino wool shirt mens are designed explicitly as non-iron shirts that are ready to wear anytime. The vision was to take advantage of merino wool’s properties in making a shirt that dries quickly and does not retain bad odors. It is perfect for daily office wear and also for special occasions.

But What Is Merino Wool?

Merino is a wool that comes from sheep of the Merino breed. The Merino sheep is a breed of sheep that produces extremely fine wool. These sheep live in difficult climatic conditions. Their very insulating winter wool protects them from the cold. In summer, they have a lighter, more breathable wool that insulates them from the heat.

And Does it itch?

The fibers of merino wool are more delicate than those of other sheep wool. The merino shirts are, therefore, very soft to your skin. It doesn’t scratch.

2. What are the advantages of the Merino shirt?

This is a question that comes up very often. Well, several reasons can justify wearing a Merino shirt.

Anti Bad Odors : By its structure, wool fiber facilitates air circulation. This makes it easier to evacuate bad odors. It is, therefore, possible to wear a merino wool T-shirt for several days without it smelling bad (provided you ventilate it well during the night).

Rather fast-drying : Merino wool allows good moisture transport. This prevents the garment from remaining wet, even when you sweat during an effort.

Non-Iron Shirts : Wool fibers are flexible. Wool shirts are creaseless. Unlike linen, it is not necessary to iron a Merino wool shirt for men.

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Very comfortable : The merino wool jersey is a natural stretch and quite soft material. Contrary to popular belief, merino wool does not itch. Instead, the material of the shirt is very light and comfortable.

Proper Thermal Regulation : Wool has excellent insulating properties. It is known to keep warm. But in the form of a shirt, merino wool also protects against heat.

3. When to wear a merino wool Shirt?

When Traveling

If you are going on a trip and want to travel light, opt for 100% merino wool. No need to stuff your suitcase, two shirts will be enough to last one to two weeks.

When Hiking :

This is where merino wool has a huge advantage. If you air the shirt overnight and hand wash it every two to three days, you can last for several weeks. Merino wool is perfect for this.

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