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A Research Statement of Birthstones


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Many stones are existing naturally, but they are not used for personal adornment as birthstones are used. Some chemical reactions occur in a deep layer of the earth at very high temperature, and pressure is the cause of these stones’ occurrence. Later on, these are related to the different sciences existing in the world. 

The difference in Terminologies of Stones

There are two terms used for adornment stones: the birthstone and the other is the gemstone. These two terms are alternatively used in jewelry literature, but some jewelers don’t bother about this difference. In reality, gemstones are affiliated with the astrological signs, but birthstones are classified according to the months of a calendar.

Many people across the world have a strong belief that gemstone associated with their date of birth brings happiness, good luck and charm in their lives. 

A Rare Birthstone in the Fashion World

The rarity of the fashion stones is not dependent on the price, but it depends on the factor of existence below the deep earth layers. The density of these jewelry stones’ availability is very low in the world as a division of nature. On the other hand, the fashion stones that have high costs in the market but are also available in racks and showcases of the shops, so we should exclude the vision of price concerning the rarity of the stones. 

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Classification of Gemstone Keeping in View their Colors:-

The gemstones are linked with the months of a whole year. Here is a question what are those stones and in which color they exit? Let us go through each month and dig knowledge about their association with the month of the year.

1. Red and Pink Birthstones

Our knowledge and experience revealed that the followings stones are in the category of colors mentioned above

a). The Garnet is a red stone with its natural beauty matching with the ruby, but laypeople often link it with ruby, a famous fashion stone, and a sign of pride for the wearer. There is no comparison of the cost of both gemstones, as there is a vast difference in their prices.

b). Ruby July birthstone is a type of mineral stone and second hardest stone after the diamond. This is the fourth precious stone in the world. The people, who wear it, feel pride in their personalities because of its fame in the jewelry world. 

c). Tourmaline is October birthstone and pink in color. It is the second stone of October.

2. Yellow and Orange Birthstone

November birthstone is Topaz that is yellow. The other stone that is belonging to November is Citrine stands in yellow.

3. Green Birthstone

a). May Birthstone is Emerald has a green color, and precious gemstone and cost-wise its rank is 4, and it possesses hardness of level 7. The origin of this stone in Egypt, and Cleopatra used to wear it, and she presented as a gift to many royal guests. This stone exists in deep green color that is the leading cause of attraction. Today women, after wearing this stone, consider themselves Cleopatra.

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b). Peridot has a green color. It is present in August and also exits in green olive color.

4. Blue Birthstone

a). March birthstone is aquamarine has a water blue color.

b). Sapphire is a deep blue birthstone associated with September. One myth about this stone is that it is in the fashion world in the rainbow color. This stone is cost-wise high and is a sister of a ruby.

c). Zircon, a December Birthstone, exist in blue color. These stones also occur in the below earth in white color that is colorless.

d). Bluestone color family also have two names that are Tanzanite and Turquoise. These are secondary level birthstones of December.

5. Purple Birthstone

Amethyst is February Birthstone has an attractive blue color. It is also a hard stone that is at rank 7 on Mohs scale of hardness.

6. Colorless or White Birthstone 

Aries birthstone color is white, and it is a colorless stone in the world. Every lady desires to wear this precious stone, and it is the dream of every woman. It is the very hardest stone and used in the industry for cutting purposes. It is in the knowledge of very few people that diamond has multiple colors that are green, yellow, red, violet and black.

June birthstone that is Pearl is also white, and to some extent, creamy opaque is a naturally occurring stone that is collected from the sea. This stone is not mineral, and sometimes jewelers don’t classify it in the list of gemstones.

Opal is stone in the world with more than one color, but the gemstones lovers mostly like the rock with whitish appearance.

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These natural stones are used in jewelry. That jewelry is named gemstone jewelry, and most of the stones are embedded in the silver for various occasions like weddings, engagement, etc.

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