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Amber Portwood Complains After Reunion with Leah: What a Waste of My Time!


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Amber Portwood claims to have accepted that Leah doesn’t like her but hopes to change her estranged daughter’s mind.

Instead of addressing why her 12-year-old daughter doesn’t want to be around her, she seems to be focused on herself.

No surprises there.

On this week’s Teen Mom OG, Amber was awkwardly reunited with Leah … only to complain about it after.

Amber Portwood joins Kristina Shirley at the table

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen Leah,” Amber reflected, setting the stage for the visit.

“And I’m excited,” she expressed.

“But also anxious,” Amber confessed before her on-camera reunion with Leah.

Amber Portwood enjoys solitude

“I want to take it slow,” Amber emphasized.

“And,” she continued to affirm that she planned to “not force anything.”

At this point, Amber’s goal was simply “to show her I’m here and committed.”

Gary Shirley makes sandwiches while Leah Shirley is uncertain

Amber arrived, as you can see in this clip, at Gary’s house.

Leah didn’t exactly come running to greet her estranged mom at the door, however.

Instead, she was more than happy to hang back and wait for Amber to enter the house.

Amber Portwood worries about her grades

Gary prepared sandwiches while wearing gloves and there was also macaroni and cheese.

There, Amber made small talk, primarily with Kristina, while Leah sat elsewhere at the table.

“Living alone for the past 16 months has been amazing,” Amber gushed.

Leah Shirley is visibly uncomfortable

“I’ve been really figuring things out,” Amber remarked.

“And,” she continued, she had been “like chillin’ and just trying to get my schoolwork done.”

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“And,” Amber described, “it feels peaceful, I think.”

Leah Shirley and her sister discuss a movie

“But then it stresses me out,” Amber admitted.

She was stressed at times “because I don’t know if I’m gonna get an A or a B.”

“But,” Amber shared, “I do know I’m getting an A in psychology.”

Leah Shirley stands her ground

It is easy for all of us to look at this conversation and roll our eyes.

After all, it sounds like Amber came over just to discuss her favorite subject, herself, with a captive audience.

However, we must acknowledge that more may have been said that didn’t make it into the episode.

Amber Portwood reacts to Leah

At one point, Leah and her sister discuss a movie, which Leah reluctantly describes to Amber.

Without knowing which film, it’s hard to say more … except that it sounds like a nightmare that Leah might have about Gary and Amber.

In this scenario, as you can hear in the accompanying clip, Amber would be the “demon.” Fair.

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 02

As Amber pulled away, her mic was clearly still on — either that, or audio captured elsewhere was edited in.

“I don’t know what the point of this was for driving 40 something minutes,” she griped to herself.

As if suddenly remembering that she was being recorded, Amber then added “but that’s cool.”

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Gary Shirley and Leah Shirley

“With Leah, she was very off, but I already thought that was going to be that way,” Amber later told her producer.

“The only thing that bothered me with Leah is she was kind of getting a little snappy at a point,” she complained.

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Amber insisted that her tween daughter should not “talk to me like that.”

Teen Mom OG S09E16 Leah Shirley 01

“Other than that, I was perfectly fine with everything,” Amber alleged.

“It felt good. I mean, it’s been a little while since the last time I went there,” she noted.

Amber expressed: “I miss her, like, a lot. I miss little text messages, phone calls, Snapchat.”


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