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Nayte Olukoya: Meet Michelle Young’s Favorite Contestant (So Far)!


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On the Season 18 premiere on The Bachelorette, Michelle Young made two seemingly easy decisions.

First, she sent a contestant named Ryan home because — and we swear this is true, while it was also likely planned/scripted — the guy made a Bachelorette Cheat Sheet in which he listed ways past contestants had advanced far on the series.

Young had no choice but to send the loser packing.

As for her coveted First Impression Rose?

It went to Nayte Olukoya.

Michelle told this aspiring husband that she admired his candor after Nayte opened up about his family.

“I had the best childhood ever, but my parents got divorced,” Olukoya said on air.

“My mom just went through another divorce with my stepdad, who’s like my best friend. So what I’m looking for too is meeting that person and being able to bring together that togetherness.”

Replied Michelle:

“I wanted to start by telling you how when we were talking earlier tonight you kind of expressed that it was difficult for you to be vulnerable, in that it might have to be something that you ease into, but I truly saw you push yourself.

“And even as you opened up, you were completely Nayte.

“Nothing but Nayte. So that being said, Nayte, will you accept this rose?”

Olukoya eagerly said yes — and the two proceeded to make out.

According to our latest round of The Bachelorette spoilers, meanwhile, Olukoya and Young will be doing a whole lot more making out down the line…

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… because they’re engaged!

Indeed, Reality Steve has claimed that Nayte wins this season and concludes the finale by proposing to Michelle.

So, what do we know about Nayte Olukoya?

He hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, but currently lives in Austin, Texas.

He graduated with BA in business administration and a minor in Africana studies from Eastern Washington University in 2019.

The stud muffin reads… a lot.

In March of 2020, Olukoya shared a list of books via Instagram that had “impacted” him over the past six months, including Ryan Holiday’s Ego Is the Enemy and Stillness Is the Key.

Nayte is also very into Greek mythology, so much so that he’s covered his body in tattoos that relate to this theme.

His impressive tattoo collection includes a detailed rendition of Benvenuto Cellini’s Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa sculpture on his back.

And his rib cage tattoo appears to feature Greece’s Parthenon peeking through the hair of a woman deep in thought.

You can see for yourself here:

Finally? And most adorably?

The sales executive expanded his immediate family in April 2021 when he got Percy, an English Cocker Spaniel puppy.

Introducing the black dog to his Instagram followers the next month, Nayte simpy wrote: “10/10 recommend.”

He sure looks like a keeper to us! By which we mean both Nayte and Percy!

Young, of course, still has a very long way to go on her Bachelorette journey.

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It will continue next Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

And you better believe Nayte Olukoya will be there!


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