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Amber Portwood: I’m Releasing a Book! And Letting All My Skeletons Out of the Closet!


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Amber Portwood has come a long way.

And now she wants to help you do the same.

The Teen Mom OG star spoke candidly this week on air about her struggles with mental illness, telling ex Gary Shirley on the latest episode of this MTV hit:

“I try my best to get off this couch, do school, make As and Bs and try to have a relationship with [daughter] Leah and it’s hard but I’ve accepted it.”

Portwood deserves credit for being so honest about such an important and personal issue.

And now she’s taking it one step further.

On Wednesday, the troubled mother of two unveiled the cover of her upcoming book, teasing of the impending memoir via caption:

“After 12 years on reality TV you thought you’d shared it all- but this book truly lets alll the skeletons out of the closet.”

amber's book

As you can see, the book will be titled “So, You’re Crazy Too?”

It is currently available to pre-order via Amazon and it will go on sale to the public on February 22, 2022.

According to this outlet, the book wll be:

“An in-depth look into Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood’s long history dealing with several severe mental illnesses, and how she survived almost insurmountable odds and unbearable public scrutiny to become the strong, self-assured woman she is today.”

Portwood, of course, was arrested for domestic violence in July 2019.

She’s also been accused (by Shirley) of taking drugs while pregnant.

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Is she really therefore a role model, some observers may be wondering?

Does anyone really buy that she’s now a strong, self-assured woman?

For those who care, however, here is the full, complete and official Amazon synopsis for Portwood’s memoir…

As a reality TV stalwart and one of the original stars of what’s become a massive franchise, Amber Portwood has been the subject of media curiosity and public scrutiny for almost thirteen years of her life, since she was only 17.

Throughout the years, Amber has struggled with up to five severe mental disorders that, especially when grouped together, would bring even the most hearty among us to their knees.

Currently serving out her five years probation for a widely publicized fight with the father of her son, Amber has been on a rollercoaster of experiences since she famously emerged from prison almost eight years ago.

She is finally ready to share the painful and emotional journey that has brought her to the more stable and productive life she’s leading today.

This book chronicles Amber’s journey with painstaking specificity, as she takes the reader through her harrowing battle with mental illness,.

Her story serves as a triumphant tale of rebirth as Amber finally conquers her demons and begins her road to a healthy and happy life.

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