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Amber Portwood: Is She Bragging About Domestic Violence with Her New Merch?!


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Amber Portwood hasn’t been doing to well lately, huh?

Like she’s never really been thriving or anything, but lately it just seems like every time she turns around, there’s another negative story about her.

To be clear, she usually deserves it — for example, in the new episodes of Teen Mom OG, she’s been criticized heavily for how she’s interacted with and spoken about her daughter, Leah, and she’s objectively awful in that regard.

Another recent story was about Andrew Glennon’s allegations that he saw her doing drugs, namely meth, when he was in a relationship with her, and that he believed she may be using again.

Considering her history and her bizarre behavior recently, that’s fair enough, right?

Throughout all of this, Amber has been doing what she always does — defending herself in Instagram Lives and rambling on and on about staying positive without taking accountability for anything ever.

But she’s also been promoting a new little business venture, something called Portwood AF (“AF,” if you’re not hip to the lingo, standing for “as f-ck”).

She did a countdown to the launch on her Instagram, just referring to it as a “project” she’s been working on, and this weekend, we finally got to see what she’s been talking about.

It’s merch!

For some reason we really can’t wrap our minds around, she thought that people would want to buy Amber Portwood merch, so she released a few items on this new site of hers.

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So far, you can buy a hoodie that says “Portwood AF” on the front, or t-shirts that say things like “Fighter for Life” or “Unfollow Me.”

You can also get a coffee mug that reads “Portwood AF, Unfollow Me, I Got This, Zen AF” if that sounds like it would be fun for you.

But there’s one more item, one that we’re going to be talking about today, and it’s this:

Amber Portwood's merch

As you can see, it’s just a classic grey hoodie with the phrase “I’m Going to Portwood Your Ass” on the front.

And sorry, but what?!

There’s really only one way to interpret this, given Amber’s history of domestic violence, and it’s so disturbing that she would think this is in any way appropriate.

Everyone saw her physically abuse Gary in the early seasons of Teen Mom, and everyone knows that those charges contributed to her prison sentence.

Likewise, we’ve all heard the terrible story that Andrew’s told of what happened the night she was arrested again, when she allegedly chased him around their home with a machete while he was holding their infant son.

She’s tried to downplay what happened then, but she did plead guilty to felony counts of domestic battery and intimidation, and she’s still on probation for that.

We’ve also heard those leaked recordings of her verbally abusing Andrew, including one in which she admitted to punching him in the face. She threatened to kill him multiple times just in those three recordings.

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So when we hear the phrase “I’m going to Portwood your ass,” there’s pretty much only one place our minds go, you know?

And judging by comments about the hoodie on the Teen Mom Reddit, plenty of fans of the show agree.

“An abusive person putting out abusive statement clothing is a choice,” one person wrote.

Another said that “It’s not cute to use your name as an adverb for beating or stabbing with a machete.”

One more comment read “STOP IT THIS CAN’T BE REAL THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING LMAO,” and that’s pretty much the gist of all of this.

There was so much backlash against her merch that Amber herself took a moment to address it in another post on Instagram.

“There is only room for positive people and energy in this space,” she wrote. “If you feel any negative or hateful feelings towards a person then there is no need for you here.”

She claimed that “My new line #portwoodaf does not condone any sort of violence and comments referring that is so do not belong here.”

“This was a fun project that I made taking different sayings from supporters and started wearing myself at first and now sharing with you.”

She finished by by telling her followers “Stay positive loves and don’t make misconceptions for what certain things mean.”

But again, there’s really no other way to read “I’m going to Portwood your ass,” and surely she has to know that — even without making her last name into the verb here, that phrasing is always aggressive.

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This is just another example of Amber doing something wrong, getting called out for it, then pretending like she’s some beacon of positivity and light.

Will she ever change?


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