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What are the benefits of geospatial information?


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GIS (Geographic Information System), Global Positioning System (GPS), and Remote Sensing (RS) make up the field of Geospatial Technology. We can use geospatial technology for analysis, modeling, simulations, and visualization of data referenced to the earth. Geospatial technology lets us prioritize resources based on their importance and priority, most of which are limited. You can learn more about this technology when you start the course to get GIS certificate online.

Using scanning technology for geospatial data collection can be helpful. The real power of geospatial data lies in what we can do with it. Geographic mapping through a specialized aerial survey equipment is just one use for collecting data about the earth’s surface and objects. Why is geospatial information so essential, and what are its benefits?

Geospatial Information’s Benefits

Geospatial technologies provide us with data that can give us a deeper understanding of various issues. Geospatial data can be used for questions, predictions, analysis, and decision-making.

You can combine spatial data with different data sources to create different layers of data. A lot of information can be gathered from weather data, census data, satellite imagery, aerial photography, and even social media data. When used wisely, geospatial data can provide invaluable insight to many industries. Here are a few reasons why it’s vital today.

  1. Geospatial data is useful

We’re just scratching the surface of geospatial data’s applications in society. Examples include:

a). Urban Planning

GIS allows spatial analysis and modeling of urban environments, improving the quality of data needed for land maps, planning applications, and site selection. Moving vehicles enable quick and efficient data collection in large areas.

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b). Infectious Disease

Recent global pandemics have made us more aware of the need to respond to infectious diseases. Geospatial data aided a better understanding of available resources. Handheld scanners do not require long setup times or building closures; scan as you go.

Scan results can identify a building as an alternative hospital and assist in quick decisions. Combined with wider geographic data, these can assist in locating the most suitable facilities. Geographical data can also identify disease clusters that can help determine the cause and spread.

c). Natural Disasters

Geospatial data can better manage extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, earthquakes, and wildfires. We can use satellite imagery, census information, and other gis data to predict the spread and keep people safe. Help and support can be easily identified after an earthquake event. So they can get help, and communities in need can be pinpointed.

  1. Geospatial data for environmental improvement

Our environment and people rely on geospatial data. Such information can bring these benefits:

a). Geospatial Information Systems

Remote sensing can help keep people safe when accessing certain areas can be dangerous.

b). Mining

LiDAR scanners rapidly scan tunnels, and stockpile volumes, pits, caves, and cave entrances. Awareness of these environments and the changes can help keep people safe.

  1. Security & Defence Information Geospatial

Geospatial data can be captured using a Geographic Information System (GIS) for security and defense.

a). Security

Maps can be generated with laser scanners, which can simulate battlefield environments, plan routes for military operations, and collect intelligence.

In an emergency, police and security personnel use them to capture geospatial data for evidence or create plans to exit and enter large venues, like stadiums and schools.

  1. Geospatial and AEC
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Geospatial data has many uses in architecture, engineering, and construction. Organizing projects help them run smoothly. Among them:

a). Retaining landmarks

A significant landmark or historical site can provide information about the area. Heritage areas can be preserved by creating a digital twin of the site. 

b). Streamlining construction

To complete complex builds, large teams of people need to work together. Obtaining accurate site, material, and progress information are complicated. It was historically problematic for teams to work together due to different data formats. Construction is changing thanks to geospatial data. Workflow and plans can be combined with spatial data to improve efficiency and safety.

  1. Geospatial discoveries

It’s not always easy to reach a particular location. Geospatial data can be visualized using 3D mobile mapping techniques.

a). Uncharted Spaces

Geospatial data can help us understand the world and discover hidden places. For example, underground networks and caves can be challenging to explore. Geospatial data allows you to create a digital model or photograph of an area that has never been explored. There can be exciting discoveries about the world around us, like this ancient city now covered in thick jungle.

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