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Amber Portwood: My Ex Forced Drugs Down My Throat!


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Amber Portwood just dropped another bombshell.

As you may have heard, the Teen Mom OG star recently released a memoir titled So, You’re Crazy Too?.

As you also may have heard, Portwood admits in this book to having aborted the baby of a heroin addict… and also to being a very horny person who has slept with over 40 men and women combined.

No judgment on our end, of course.

Now, in another excerpt from this memoir, Portwood has leveled quite the accusation against Matt Baier.

“I was doing the best I could staying away from the amount of drugs that had messed up my life so badly before jail, and my fiancé knew it was a daily struggle for me,” Amber writes at one point.

It’s worth noting here that Portwood does NOT cite Baier by name.

But she’s only been engaged to Baier and Gary Shirley — and, based on the reality star’s timeline here, it’s evident she’s referring to Baier.

“I think the biggest red flag in our relationship was when he forced a hydrocodone in my mouth,” Amber continues.

This seems totally insane and obviously very troubling, but Portwood goes on as follows:

“We had just met and he wanted to see a little bit of the party girl he had read about in the tabloids.

“I guess depressed Amber wasn’t enough for him. When I said I had given up pills, he shoved a pill down my throat. If that isn’t true love, I don’t know what is.”

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She’s being sarcastic there, of course.

Elsewhere, Portwood alleges that this ex would often threaten to call the police on her during their arguments, while setting her up for potential arrest.

“He would throw himself down a flight of stairs during a fight and then tell me nobody would believe me if I say I didn’t push him down the stairs,” she writes.

“He once hit himself in the face and told me he was going to have me arrested for beating him. It was a bad cycle and it only got worse.”

Portwood also claims she was a victim of abuse at Baier’s hands, just as she did back in 2018.

“My fiancé used to slap me around on a pretty consistent basis during arguments,” says says in the new book.

Baier has not yet commented about any of these allegations.

We’ll let you know if he ever does, however.

For her part, Amber has held nothing back in this memoir.

We told you about her self-proclaimed sexual history at the outset of this article.

In another excerpt, Portwood delves into her financial past.

“When people ask me where all my money has gone over the years, I am embarrassed to say most of it has gone to my ex-boyfriends,” she writes.

Not just to her ex-boyfriends, however.

“In my younger years, I blew a lot of money I made on the show on drugs,” the mother of two also says, adding of another reason her bank account isn’t all that impressive:

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“I would throw $100 bills at [strippers] like I was a millionaire. I could spend $4,000 a night at that strip club.”

She’s just too giving, you know?

“When I would go out, I paid for everyone’s bar tabs, no matter how many people I was with.

“I always wanted everyone to be more comfortable than I am, and my boyfriends are no exception to this rule.”


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