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Amy Duggar: It’s All Jim Bob’s Fault That Jana Got Arrested!


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For years, Jim Bob Duggar was one of the most popular figures in the world of evangelical media.

Those days are long gone, of course, as a series of scandals has exposed the father of 19 as the opportunistic con artist that he is.

Of course, there were some who always saw the truth about Jim Bob.

And long before Josh Duggar’s arrest on child pornography charges unearthed the culture of abuse that Jim Bob had created, the patriarch’s niece, Amy Duggar, knew enough to keep her creepy uncle at a safe distance.

Amy, JB

Amy celebrated when Josh was convicted, but it’s clear that she feels her efforts to expose Duggar corruption are far from over.

She’s still doing important work by being a thorn in Jim Bob’s side, but now, she’s shifted her focus to the protection of Jana Duggar’s reputation.

Last month, the world learned that Jana had been arrested for child endangerment.

The problem, it seems, was that a child in her care wandered off while Jana was distracted, and police had to be called in to help locate the unidentified minor.

Jana pled guilty and received a fine of $880 for her alleged negligence.

Legally, the matter is settled, but Amy is still putting in work to clear her cousin’s name.

Jana’s devotion to helping her parents and siblings has earned her the nickname “the Cinderella Duggar,” and Amy seems to believe Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughter is being exploited.

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Jana is 32 and childless, and it’s long been rumored that she spends most of her time performing household chores and taking care of her younger sisters.

According to Amy, the problem is not that Amy was negligent in her childcare duties, but that she was overworked and stressed to the breaking point by her insensitive parents.

“I believe that if you are a parent you should watch your own children. It’s not right to always have someone else watching them for you,” Amy tweeted this week.

She may not have named names, but it was immediately clear that she was referring to the Jana situation.

Amy went on to criticize parents who treat family members as “built in babysitter[s],” writing:

“Your kids no matter what their age is should be able to live a normal adolescent life.

“Helping out every once in a while is great but if you’re gonna have that many kids then be responsible for them.”

Obviously, with the “adolescent” remark, Amy extended her defense to other Duggar sons and daughters who might be burdened with too much responsibility.

But it seems that her comments were initially inspired by Jana’s plight, which has clearly been at the forefront of her mind for quite some time.

Some fans took issue with Amy’s tweet, misinterpreting it as a slam against parents who occasionally rely on babysitters.

She was quick to clarify that she has no issue with families sharing the responsibility of raising young children:

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“OK let me clear something up, I’m not talking about loving good parents that work and provide for their families. I support that! Of course!” she tweeted.

“I’m talking about people who rely on Aunt’s [sic] or friends or anyone that takes advantage of people. Just simply because they can.”

Yes, Amy went so far as to accuse Jim Bob of taking advantage of Jana.

We think it’s safe to say the rebellious cousin won’t be receiving invites to any barbecues on the Duggar compound anytime soon.

Fortunately, we highly doubt that she wants anything to do with Jim Bob or the family members who continue to blindly support him.


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