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Anna Duggar Resurfaces Online Nearly Two Months After Josh Was Convicted


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Ever since Josh Duggar was convicted late last year, Anna Duggar has been paying a pretty penny to talk to him in jail.

On social media, on the other hand, she has been radio silent for some time.

Avoiding obvious and well-deserved backlash for her continuing support of her disgusting husband, Anna hasn’t even updated her bio.

Now, however, she has resurfaced, and the world is taking notice.

When Josh was first arrested, many members of his extended family made vague posts about “justice” … or worse.

Others simply fled social media altogether, posting sporadically and interacting minimally if at all with fans.

Anna was in the latter category, particularly as numerous reports grimly confirmed her unwavering support for the sexual predator.

Anna has continued to be quiet on social media following Josh’s well-deserved conviction.

While she is now effectively a single mom raising seven children, parenting hasn’t been the only thing keeping her offline.

But not even fear of fully justified reproach from internet strangers could keep her off of Instagram a few days ago.

Anna’s sister, Priscilla, gave birth on January 19.

“Introducing our precious blessing, Deborah Joy Waller,” Priscilla and her husband’s creepy joint-Instagram-account captioned.

“She was born at 2:46am, on Jan. 19, 2022 Weighing 7lbs, 5oz and 20.5″ long,” the caption detailed.

The couple of course plugged their website to attempt to lure followers in to view more photos.

“Congratulations!” Anna commented under her sister and brother-in-law’s post.

She accompanied that with a heart emoji. 

Anna Duggar IG comment on sister Priscilla post

Jill Duggar also commented, writing: “Congrats guys!”

Anna of course had to know that people would notice, which is likely why she kept her comment so brief.

She must have weighed the pros and cons of commenting versus remaining silent about her niece’s birth, and opted with the former.

Anna isn’t hated for marrying Josh, not really, even though he had already committed sex crimes.

While she certainly knew that he had done something terrible, in a family that lies as easily as breathing, she was certainly misled.

We have all witnessed Jim Bob — and, under his instructions, some of his adult children — deliberately understate Josh’s crimes.

Anna was also only 20 years old when she married Josh.

That is extremely, profoundly young for a Millennial to marry someone.

She married him before she was even old enough to drink (not that she would anyway) because they were both part of the same cult.

And that brings us to the next topic of note, which is … the whole cult thing.

We’re talking about people doomed from birth to a life of brainwashing in their cult-approved homeschool educations.

Anna never had real choices growing up or got to be her own person. She was treated as property and handed over to become Josh’s.

However, Anna is an adult. Even if she never had a shot at having a life of freedom or choices, she can make some decisions now.

For herself and, more imperatively, for her seven children, she could leave the cult, do interviews and publish tell-all books, and support her family.

People are angry at and condemn Anna for supporting a monster like Josh, so yes, until she makes better decisions, she’s going to hear about it online.

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