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Bill Aydin Explodes at Joe Gorga, Evan Goldschneider: My Wife’s Not a Bad Person!


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On this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin has been at the center of conflict.

She has clashed with Melissa Gorga. She has clashed with Margaret Josephs.

Even the husbands are part of this Real Housewives feud, and faction lines are being drawn.

After Jennifer called out Bill for not defending her, he spoke up for her — and ended up storming away from Joe Gorga and Evan Goldschneider.

On this week’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jennifer Aydin was still fuming over her husband.

No, it wasn’t about his affair a decade ago — at least, not directly.

Instead, as she griped to Dolores Catania after a workout, it was about how he didn’t defend her.

Jennifer had called Melissa’s husband, Joe, a “little bitch girl” during the previous episode, which did not go over well with Melissa.

“Listen, Bill was a f–king p–sy,” she complained to Dolores on Tuesday’s episode.

“Yeah, I’m f–king mad at Bill,” she confirmed.

“He just stood there and said nothing,” Jennifer characterized.

“It’s just, I would’ve liked something,” she explained of her frustrations.

“For 10 years, I’ve been putting him on a f–king pedestal,” Jennifer described.

“If I saw people ganging up on him, I would’ve been like, ‘With all due respect, if you disrespect my wife, you disrespect me,'” Jennifer told Dolores.

“It’s like he’s already betrayed me once,” she said, a clear reference to his past cheating.

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“And now,” Jennifer argued, “here he is, he’s doing it again.”

Jennifer did speak to Bill about it.

He pointed out that she clearly wanted it both ways — for him to not wade into their battles, but for him to also support her.

To some degree, Bill took that to heart as he met up with the guys towards the end of the episode.

Guys night included Joe Gorga, Evan, Tiki, Joe Benigino, and Frank.

The first Joe stirred up a mess by writing “f–k you” to Bill in the group chat when the dinner was being planned.

Before heading out to meet them, Bill quipped: “Obviously, Joe Gorga brings the girl drama into boys’ night.”

When Bill first arrived, he joked “Am I invited to this, I don’t know.”

He was, in fact, invited.

In fact, Bill already had an outspoken ally in the group.

Even before his arrival, Tiki Barber had asked the others to not lay into him over Jennifer’s drama.

“When men go through what he’s going through, other dudes need to have his back,” Tiki suggested.

He added: “The last thing he needs is for us to go kick his ass again.”

“I try not to get into her woman drama,” Bill asserted as the obviously dramatic topics came up.

“Your wife is out of control,” Joe warned him, and he did not stop there.

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“She does a lot of things, bro. Jen got dirty and disgusting,” he continued. “I think she crossed that line.”

Obviously, Bill couldn’t just ignore that, and tried to defend Jennifer, who was not present.

He argued that, unlike some of the cast, Jennifer didn’t go delving into other people’s business on purpose.

This led to him clashing with Evan Goldschneider

“You don’t think that Margaret crossed that line digging for my secret,” Bill protested.

He insisted: “Jen, never went digging for anyone’s dirt.”

Evan snapped back: “Yes, she did.”

“We may disagree but she did not,” Bill disputed. “People can be nosy.”

Evan doubled down: “She is trying to find stuff to hurt individual people.”

He didn’t stop there, accusing: “That’s not a good person.”

“If you think that way, I don’t think we can see eye to eye,” Bill said.

Unwilling to sit and listen to his wife be insulted, he stood up and walked away.

“I’m done. I’m done,” Bill said as he fled from the guys’ night turned guys’ nightmare.

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