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Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre: Are They Living in America?


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After hearing Ariela Weinberg vow to never return to Ethiopia, fans wondered if it was over.

Biniyam Shibre had cheated after months of proving himself to be a bad partner and uninterested in changing that.

But as we are all keenly aware, Ariela sometimes changes her mind about even the most important decisions.

Now, Bini may have let slip that he and Ari are not only together, but living in the United States.

The briefest imaginable recap, before we go into detail later.

Throughout most of Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre’s on-camera romance, things have been one sided.

Ari moved to live with him, to give birth in his country, spends time with his family, and attends his religious gatherings — without reciprocation.

Ariela Weinberg holds Avi at his baptism

Then, when it was time for baby Avi to get his hernia surgery, Ariela took him to receive the surgery in Princeton, New Jersey.

It took weeks for the surgery to be scheduled, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic as a factor.

During that time, Biniyam’s existing bad behaviors escalated, and he developed new bad habits.

Biniyam Shibre - no I didn't turn off the phone

First, Biniyam began to turn off his phone or put it in airplane mode.

Any time that he didn’t want to be reached by Ariela, he would make himself unreachable, for hours on end.

Combined with his late-night partying and clubbing, this made Ariela irate, particularly given their son’s condition.

Ariela Weinberg mouth blurred out - who knows what you've done

But it’s not the case that Biniyam was “always out partying” … because he also turned their family home into party central.

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Ariela saw photo after photo of people, including strangers and unfamiliar young women, in her home during her absence.

Furthering the violation, she saw that baby Avi’s crib was packed away and hidden.

Biniyam Shibre sanitizes Mimi and Wish as they visit

Finally, Ariela’s suspicions about Biniyam’s behavior were confirmed by his friends and by his own sister.

Wish might not particularly like Ariela.

But even she clearly felt that she deserved to know that Bini was with other girls.

Tsion suspected her ex of cheating on her

Biniyam’s ex-girlfriend and his ex-wife both accused him of cheating.

Now, it’s Ariela’s turn.

Biniyam has labeled all three women as “jealous,” but even if that’s true, the pattern is difficult to ignore.

Ariela Weinberg says that she is not returning to Ethiopia

After putting Bini on blast for “destroying” his family through neglect, cheating, and disrespect, Ari presented a choice.

The first was that they break up, ending their engagement and drawing up a legally binding custody agreement.

The second was that Ari and Biniyam try to start over and heal outside of Ethiopia, specifically in Kenya.

Biniyam Shibre - you can't decision by yourself

Biniyam adamantly did not want to move, arguing that all of his friends are in Ethiopia.

But that was sort of the point.

From side pieces to toxic influences among his friends, these were the people from whom he clearly needed distance.

friend of Biniyam Shibre - he shouldn't be worried to answer his wife's calls

In the preview for Season 3, Episode 11, Ariela and Biniyam were no longer a continent apart.

We saw them meeting up in Kenya.

This move previously been confirmed in interviews after their first season together ended, and only now playing out on screen.

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Then, several months ago, reports came out that Ariela and Biniyam were spotted filming together in New York.

Bini participated in some sort of MMA tournament.

But as many noted, if he was there on a visa for that competition, the clock was ticking on him having to leave.

Biniyam Shibre promo on Instagram

Over the weekend, however, that changed.

Biniyam took to Instagram to post a video that was clearly an ad, promoting enchiladas that allegedly have the same protein level as a protein shake.

Say what you will about Bini’s qualities as a partner, but he has a very good body and is a natural fit for this kind of endorsement.

Ariela spotted Biniyam

But … enchiladas are not exactly a global food, and are much more common in North and Central America.

Enchiladas originated in Mexico, with aspects of the dish drawn from Nahua peoples before colonization, slavery, and genocide at the hands of the Spanish.

The Nahuatl word for the dish is chīllapītzalli, and they are not a traditional food in Ethiopia or in Kenya.

Biniyam Shibre promotes enchiladas

What’s more is that the brand that Bini is advertising is distinctly American.

You can find the brand of enchiladas (and their other offerings) on Amazon and at major grocery retailers nationwide.

(Honestly, they look delicious — I am definitely eating Mexican food today after watching Bini’s video)

Biniyam Shibre eats sponsored enchiladas

Biniyam’s fans and followers were quick to comment that he had given away the game.

“I know you’re in the USA,” one wrote. “I’m happy you made it. Welcome.”

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“I know you miss your meals from back home,” another acknowledged. “These are good, too.”

Some weirdos also tried to get on his case about eating what they called “boxed food.”

First of all, it’s an advertisement. There’s no indication that Bini eats these regularly.

Second of all, why wouldn’t he? Food is food. Don’t be a weirdo about what people eat.

Combined with multiple sightings of Bini over the summer, it seems likely that Biniyam received a K-1 visa.

Ariela had applied, but it had been delayed for months amidst the pandemic.

Bini may have faced multiple legal hurdles to get his visa, but it’s still unclear if he has it in him to become a good partner to Ari.


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