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Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon: Meet Our Newborn Son!!!!


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Bachelor Nation is once again abuzz with baby fever.

Thanks to Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon.

The reality stars shared the first photos of their newborn son, Dawson Demitri, on Instagram Tuesday … after announcing the news of his birth on Monday afternoon.

“Dawson entered the world on a very important day in our family. January 31st is not only my mom’s birthday, but also the day my parents met 44 years ago,” Iaconetti wrote alonside a sweet snapshot of the couple with its son.

“We pretty much had the best labor and delivery experience you could ever ask for thanks to INOVA Fairfax hospital and the NOVA Group For Women.

“I feared it forever and it wasn’t that bad! I will go in-depth on the story eventually.”

The Bachelor in Paradise cast members, who met on season 2 of the series and got married four years later, confirmed the day prior that their first kid had arrived.

“Baby Dawson is here and healthy!” Haibon told his Instagram followers at the time. “Ashley is recovering and doing well!”

The former Bachelorette suitor added that his firstborn son’s delivery “really couldn’t have gone much smoother,” referring his little one as a “beautiful” and “sweet” child who had been “sleeping all day.”

We’ll see how long that lasts for, huh?!?

jared announce

For her part, Ashley echoed this same sentiment.

“Right now we’re enjoying the sleepiest, calmest baby we’ve ever met. Dawson did not get his chill from his parents,” she continued in her own post.

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“He did get his feet from me, his chin from Jared, one of his names from a Leo character, and another one of his names from, well, see Jared’s IG caption.

“We love him so much and are feeling so blessed!!”

a bachelor baby

Just hours ahead of Dawson’s arrival, the husband and wife shared a funny video via Instagram where they polled their followers on which former New England Patriots quarterback was hotter:

Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo.

“It’s 1,000 percent [Tom],” Iaconetti said while sitting beside her husband. “I mean it has to do with the whole package.”

Haibon agreed saying “It’s Tom,” confirming that his answer when the pair first met in Mexico was the same and he still stands by that response today.

Ashley and Jared previously revealed they were having a boy, and also admitted their son is named after the main male characterr from the movie Titanic.

Wrote Haibon in July as a way to announce his major family news:

“I want to show you a picture of Ashley right after we found out she was pregnant and tell you how much I appreciate this woman.

“Even though it’s been a rough first trimester so far, she is as beautiful today as she was in this picture.

“Ashley has been a trouper and I love her so much. Last night, she threw up five times throughout the night. It’s been a very sick month for her. I feel terrible because there’s not much I can do except the occasional runs to the store for chocolate cake or to 7/11 for Slurpees.

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“I love her very much, she’s a strong woman and I know Ashley is going to be an incredible mother.”


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