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Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio Mourn Loss of Beloved Dog Truffles


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90 Day Fiance fans haven’t heard much from Kenneth and Armando since the The Other Way Tell All.

The loving fan-favorite couple has continued to reside in Mexico, now doing so as a married couple.

They have sweet little Hannah and, of course, Truffles the dog.

In a heartbreaking update from Kenneth and Armando, they reveal that Truffles has passed away.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio and dog Truffles

When Kenneth Niedermeier made the long drive to Mexico to be with Armando Rubio, the love of his life, he didn’t travel alone.

All the way, Kenneth was with his beloved dog, his faithful companion, Truffles.

After almost 18 years of joy, love, and affection, Truffles’ journey has come to an end.

Kenneth Niedermeier IG reveals passing of Truffles

Kenneth broke the news on his Instagram.

“It’s with great heartache that I have to let everyone know my sweet Truffles has passed on,” he began.

“I admit,” Kenneth wrote, “this has really broken my heart and I feel a great sense of loss.”

Kenneth Niedermeier dog truffles

“Spending every day for the last almost two decades with this beautiful, calm, & gentle soul gave me unbelievable joy,” Kenneth affirmed.

“It was an honor for me to be able to love her,” he expressed. “She gave me much more in return.”

Kenneth noted: “I tried to give her a full life filled with happiness and adventure.”

Truffles rides in the back seat

“Truffles grew up with 4 children that played, loved, and cared for her,” Kenneth recalled.

“Truff had been to about 25 states, 3 countries, plane rides, major cities, to small towns,” he listed.

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Kenneth added: “She spent her golden years on a wonderful adventure.”

Kenneth Niedermeier cries over feeling torn

They went on an adventure “when in 2019 we packed our bags and did a cross country rode trip together.”

He and Truffles journeyed “”to live our lives in a new country with a new little girl and papi who fell instantly in love with her.”

Kenneth noted: “She appeared on two seasons of The Other Way, Strikes Back, several Pillow Talks, at least 350 cameos.”

Armando Rubio reacts emotionally to seeing footage of father's acceptance

“And,” Kenneth added, Truffles “was a special part of our wedding as the cutest Pet of Honor.”

“She sure had an exciting life!” he appraised.

“Truffles was my little girl,” Kenneth wrote. “Yes I know she was a dog but she was my dog.”

Kenneth Niedermeier cries from missing out, homesickness

Kenneth continued: “who was my family and best friend that showed me unconditional love.”

“She knew she was loved and truly showed me I was loved back,” he acknowledged.

“This empty feeling will last for awhile,” Kenneth wrote, “but the memories I have of her will forever fill my heart and continue to bring me happiness and a smile.”

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio kiss at the altar

“See you again someday Truffles, your Daddy adored you,” Kenneth expressed.

“Thank you for being by my side and always listening to me even if you didn’t always understand,” he expressed.

Kenneth concluded: “It gave me great comfort just knowing you were there.”

Kenneth Niedermeier IG caption tribute to Truffles

On his own Instagram Page, Armando Rubio left a similar and heartwarming tribute.

“Yesterday we lost our sweet Truffles,” he began.

Armando detailed: “She was 17.8 yrs old.”

Armando Rubio IG tribute to Truffles

“Truff lived many adventures in her life and continued to enjoy throughout her golden years,” Armando affirmed.

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“She made the big move to Mexico with Kenny & she enhanced the lives of Hannah & I,” he shared.

“She was immediately loved and we became inseparable as a family,” Armando wrote.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio at the altar

“She passed away peacefully in bed with us,” Armando detailed.

“Truffles will live forever in our hearts as she brings joy to heaven,” he expressed.

Armando concluded: “We love & miss you Truffles.”


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