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Ashley Jones and Bar Smith: Secretly Married! (And Already Headed For Divorce?)


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During her time on Teen Mom: Family Reunion, Ashley Jones received a mixed reaction from viewers.

Ashley dragged the f–k out of Farrah Abraham, which earned her some major points.

But she also made some insensitive comments about Jade Cline’s alleged drug use, which didn’t sit so well with fans of the show. 

It’s been a while since we checked in on the divisive Ms. Jones, but it seems she’s been quite busy in her time away from the spotlight.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 Season 11 premiere, Ashley revealed that she recently got married to baby daddy Bar Smith!

The parents of four-year-old Holly didn’t have the fanciest wedding — in fact, they didn’t have a ceremony at all.

But the important thing is that they’re officially man and wife!

“So while the cameras weren’t around, Bar and I went and got married,” Jones told MTV.

“It wasn’t even a courthouse ceremony, we just had my mom sign the documents, we didn’t take a single photo, we didn’t have a nice dinner, I literally think we went to Jack in the Box.”

Ashley says she and Bar were in a rush to make it official and weren’t concerned about the lack of pomp and circumstance on their big day.

“I had two things going on that were the reasons why I wanted to just sign the paperwork. No. 1, Bar’s family and my family, they just can’t f–king get along for the life of them,” she explained.

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“And No. 2, COVID. How long would we potentially be waiting for our marriage? But even though we’re married now, things between us have been super rocky lately.”

In his own confessional segment, Bar reveled that the marriage is “definitely in a rough spot” already.

“I failed school and everything kind of started falling from under me. I have to serve 15 days in county jail for the DUI situation,” he explained.

“As far as the discharging the firearm incident, if they decide to pick the case up and charge me, then they can.”

Bar accepts full responsibility for the trouble in his marriage, saying:

“I can’t be really upset at her for where she stands right now. 

“I’d be upset with myself, actually, I am upset with myself. I’m terrified of losing my relationship.”

“I know we talked about this before, but I feel like we’re going in circles in our relationship,“ Ashley said to Bar in a preview scene from TM2 Season 11.

“I know that I have been extremely stagnant and stopped doing s–t. I have a trend of doing that over the last f–king five, six years,” Bar responded.

“I know it’s starting to cause issues in a lot of places in my life though, include between us and s–t like that. I do recognize s–t that I need to fix.

“A lot of that s–t that you tired of me doing and saying and hearing, I am f–king just as tired if not more than you. Understand how it is on my end,” he continued.

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“It’s a very very scary feeling to know that we are this far along. We have gotten married and s–t like this and now we’re coming up to this and it could be a possibility that s–t could just end up getting f–ked up or something like that permanently.”

“But that’s on you,” Ashley replied.

“I know. I do love you to death and we are married and I want to keep it that way,” a contrite Bar responded.

Needless to say, it sounds like married life has not been kind to Bar and Ashley thus far.

Here’s hoping they can find some common ground before it’s too late.


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