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Hannah Ann Sluss Reacts to Hannah Brown-Peter Weber Hookup: Y’all Are Gross AF For That!


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It’s a tale of two Hannahs and one very busy Peter!

Earlier this week, fans were shocked by the news that Hannah Brown hooked up with Peter Weber during his time as Bachelor.

The news comes to us courtesy of comments Brown made to People magazine, as well as excerpts from her upcoming memoir God Bless This Mess.

And not surprisingly, the news didn’t sit well with the ladies who vied for Peter’s heart during his time on the show, least of all the woman who received his final rose, Hannah Ann Sluss.

Hannahs and Peter

If you watched that trainwreck (or perhaps we should call it a plane-wreck, given pilot Pete’s profession), then you’ll probably recall that Pete was just about the most indecisive, wishy-washy Bachelor in franchise history.

We already knew that he pursued relationships with no fewer than three of his potential paramours after the cameras stopped rolling.

And now, it seems that Weber attempted to make things work with Hannah B., as well.

All of the women on Peter’s season were dismayed when Hannah arrived on set, but no one has more reason to be upset about Ms. Brown’s latest bombshell than Weber’s former fiancee.

Even though the relationship fizzled shortly thereafter, the fact remains that Peter and Hannah were engaged at one point, and his lingering feelings toward the other Hannah might have played a role in his decision to call it quits.

Bachelor fans have been waiting for Sluss to sound off on the situation ever since the other Hannah went public with her side of the story.

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And now, the folks who were eager to hear the Sluss side of the story have gotten their wish — sort of.

Hannah Ann posted the TikTok below on Thursday, and while she doesn’t mention Weber or Brown by name, it’s quite clear who she’s talking about.

“When the tea officially spills…” Sluss captioned the clip.

In the video, she lip synced the words, “That was embarrassing. I really hope you’re embarrassed. Wow.”

In case it still wasn’t clear what situation she’s referring to, Hannah added a second caption:

“Always trust your instincts, ladies,” she wrote.

But as upset as she might be, Hannah Ann probably appreciates Hannah Brown’s honesty,

“I was so upset breaking up with him,” Brown told People.

“I know he really did care about me and he’s such a great guy. I was really confused.”

Brown said she thought she was over Peter when she learned that he had been cast as Bachelor, but she realized she was wrong once she paid a visit to the set.

“Once I knew that, it helped shield my feelings for him,” Brown recalled of the casting news.

“I still didn’t know if I could get there with him,” she added.

“Going back and seeing him as the Bachelor, it brought up a lot,” Hannah continued.

“Peter told me he’d quit the show, 100 percent, if I could say that I wanted to be with him. I wanted to go on a date with him, but I couldn’t say that I knew for sure.”

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She added that after Peter’s season came to an end — but before he broke up with Hannah in order to pursue a relationship Madison Prewett — the two of them crossed paths at Hannah Godwin and Bylan Barbour’s engagement party.

“I heard that they were having troubles,” Brown recalled.

“He was like, ‘I have so much to tell you,'” Brown recalls, writing in her book that the former couple ended up in bed together. “The chemistry just wasn’t there,” she added.

When Hannah and Peter banged in a windmill during her time as Bachelorette, she had nothing but rave reviews.

But she says the experience after their co-stars’ engagement party was much less thrilling.

“It just sucked. And then, I found out he had another girl [runner-up Madison Prewett] on his mind. It was all so bizarre,” she said.

So there you have it.

Interestingly, Peter wound up alone after pursuing so many different women.

But hey, at least he’ll always have the company of his famously overbearing mom!


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