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Audrey Roloff and Jacob Roloff: Quashing Feud to Bond Over Baby Radley?


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Now that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff welcomed Baby #3 together, things are naturally going to change.

We don’t just mean that the Little People, Big World alums will suffer some sleep deprivation with a newborn in the house.

Instead, it looks like baby Radley could be the magic pill to heal a family rift before he can even recognize his own name.

It appears that he’s already making Audrey closer with her brother-in-law, Jacob, despite years of feuding.

Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel, is herself pregnant with her and Jacob’s first child.

On her Instagram Stories, she shared a precious photo of Jacob getting some practice holding a newborn.

In the photo, he is holding his nephew, gazing down lovingly at the sweet baby.

uncle Jacob Roloff and baby Radley Roloff

Isabel captioned the photo with an affectionate: “Uncle Jacob and baby Radley.”

Jacob has certainly gotten plenty of practice in the role of an uncle to his various niblings.

But there’s more to this photo than meets the eye.

To put things mildly, Jacob and Audrey just plain do not see eye to eye.

Jacob has been outspoken on subjects like human rights, using his limited platform to try to make the world a better place.

Audrey has chosen … another path.

Jeremy and Audrey married in 2014.

The two seem to have a lot in common, but Auj is a bit more outspoken and direct.

And the things that she has chosen to say to her sizable audience have been unnerving and controversial at best.

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“We are not claiming to be a resource for same-sex marriages,” Audrey wrote in a blog post in 2016.

Speaking for herself and Jeremy, she added: “It’s not something we agree with.”

“Know that our content is not written to same-sex marriages, so to say that we don’t offer advice for that side is accurate,” Audrey wrote.

Obviously, there is no non-bigoted way to “not agree” with an entire swathe of other people’s marriages when those people are a marginalized minority.

To make matters worse, Audrey then wrote that she encouraged gay readers to follow what she and Jeremy had to say.

In other words: she was declaring her homophobic beliefs, but still wants LGBTQ+ followers and customers for her brand. Class act.

Audrey has referred to “this twisted generation,” appearing to take a swipe at fellow Millennials.

Why? Presumably because most do not share her far right and at times bordering on tradwife beliefs, religiously and politically.

Some people might have felt more at home in the 1950s. Or the 1450s.

Audrey also reposted some of that nauseating propaganda that called for “unity” in the wake of the murder of George Floyd.

We all remember seeing the cutesy videos of police dancing with protesters or making gestures of kindness during broad daylight.

As Jacob pointed out correctly, hours later, many of those violent, armored officers were teargassing and beating protesters.

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Jacob consistently uses his platform for positive messages — environmental justice, racial equality, and more.

He has expressed embarrassment at being “related to Trump voters,” a sentiment shared by many in his situation.

Very recently, Jacob shaded Audrey over her multilevel marketing, warning fans and followers of pyramid schemes and similar scams.

We somehow doubt that the existence of a new baby is magically making Audrey a good person or making Jacob forget who she is.

Instead, we think that he’s just smiling and making nice with an unhinged relative because it’s worth it to spend time with his nephew.

This happens in a lot of families. When there are kids involved and a shared family business, it’s harder to just cut ties and ghost.


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