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Below Deck: The Most Stunning Exits in Show History


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Below Deck is one of the most dramatic shows on the air.

It provides a lot of drama with a group of sexy people working in sun-soaked locations as they serve the rich.

Thanks to the nature of the series, workers are fired without a second thought, which adds to the insanity of it all.

Other people just opt to quit and not look back because of the horror they endured on the yacht.

With so many different iterations of the show on the air today, there have been a lot of exits, and most of them have been completely and utterly dramatic.

Check out the most stunning exits to rock Below Deck below.

Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier
Hannah was the Kate Chastain of this Below Deck spinoff for five seasons, but it all came crashing down when Captain Sandy fired her.

Bosun Malia White reported the chief stewardess for having Valium and a vape pen on the boat, and Hannah was forced to sail away from the franchise … for good.

It was one of the most dramatic scenes in the history of the series, largely because the spinoff focused on Ferrier. She was the Kate Chastain of this iteration.

In the years since her firing, Ferrier and Captain Sanday have exchanged jabs in the media, while Captain Lee of the original series has condemned Sandy’s decision.

Caroline Bedol – Below Deck

Caroline Bedol - Below Deck
Caroline Bedol was one of the most memorable stewards on the beloved Bravo reality series.

The reason?

She went up against franchise mainstay Kate Chastain without a second thought.

Viewers watched in shock — and horror — as the pair went toe-to-toe for half a season.

Her tenure on the yacht came to an end when she decided it was time to quit after a series or injuries and arguments.

Caroline’s Exit Was Shocking

Caroline's Exit Was Shocking

After declaring she would be giving up her job, Kate told her to pack her things and get off the boat.

In one of the most bizarre scenes of the series, Kate and Josiah blasted music through her locked room door to get her off the boat.

Yes, really.

Would Caroline Return?

Would Caroline Return?
Still, Caroline is not ruling out a return to the series in some capacity.

“I would have another go at the third-stew position,” the Bravolebrity said on Reddit to a fan.

“Only because they would literally never attempt to eff with me again haha.”

Andrew Sturby – Below Deck

Andrew Sturby - Below Deck
Andrew was one of the fresh faces of the second season of the hit series, but it was immediately clear the supposed deckhand had no clue what he was doing.

It turned out he lied on his resume to get on the show.

Wait, What?

Wait, What?

In a truly wild twist, Captain Lee didn’t fire him.

“I’m not sure if Andrew is salvageable, but to dismiss him after four days is a bit premature,” Captain Lee said in his blog on the Bravo website.

“It would help if he wouldn’t act like, ‘I’ve got this,’ when he really doesn’t have a clue.”

“The only thing I can see that Andrew is doing is walking out on the short end of an even shorter stick. There may be more here than meets the eye.”

How Did He Finally Get Fired?

How Did He Finally Get Fired?
The rest of the crew was unimpressed with the decision to keep him.

When you’re risking your life on boats and someone has no clue what they’re doing, well, it stings.

Another annoyance was that he still got his share of the tips.

It’s my call, and it is never easy to terminate someone and send them packing,” Captain Lee continued of the decision.

“That being said, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and a second chance.”

“We all know my thoughts on second chances, but it’s my call, my bad if it’s wrong.”

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Sturby was ultimately fired a few episodes later because the rest of the cast didn’t want him there and he wasn’t pulling his weight.

Rocky – Below Deck

Rocky - Below Deck
Rocky is well-known for the faces she made in her confessionals.

She pulled the most comical looks, and her short-term exit was one of the most memorable. She took an instant dislike to Kate alongside Chef Leon, which created a lot of drama.

The Most Dramatic Exit

The Most Dramatic Exit
Rocky heard that her only ally on the boat had been fired, and she was done with the yacht.

She stripped down and jamp into the water, and found herself swimming to another boat.

Wait, She Returned?

Wait, She Returned?
Rocky was allowed back on the boat to finish the charter season, but Captain Lee has since been vocal about the incident.

“Rocky… In what world do you think that you have the right to just strip down, bail on your crew, swim to another boat that, by the way, has to bring you back?” he said in a Bravo blog.

Leon Walker – Below Deck

Leon Walker - Below Deck
Leon and Rocky bonded during Below Deck Season 3 over their mutual hatred for Kate.

They bickered the entire season and he complained that Kate was terrible at her job.

Overcooked Beef Cheeks!

Overcooked Beef Cheeks!
Leon had a knack for serving beef cheeks on every charter and serving cakes out of packets.

Kate’s issues with Leon were valid because he wasn’t being the type of chef required for customers spending thousands of dollars to charter a yacht.

Things took an explosive turn when the oven in the galley went up in flames.

Captain Lee Fired Leon

Captain Lee Fired Leon
Leon and Rocky tried to blame Kate for the fire, but Captain Lee knew the fire was caused by greasy plates left in the oven.

“The fire in the galley was your fault. Period,” Captain Lee shared on the Bravo website after the wild episode aired.

“The clean, dry sheet pans in the oven were neither clean nor dry.”

“Kate put the popcorn in the microwave and a frozen pizza in the oven, doing a job that was clearly yours. Frozen pizza, why? Because the chef is getting his beauty sleep.”

Elizabeth Frankini – Below Deck

Elizabeth Frankini - Below Deck
Elizabeth made a string of blunders during her time on the series.

For one, she declared she had years of experience, but one of the most shocking moments found crew members becoming sick on Below Deck Season 8.

Elizabeth’s Firing Was Not a Shock

Elizabeth's Firing Was Not a Shock
Elizabeth also butted heads with her boss, Francesca. In the end, Francesca fired her, and Captain Lee tweeted that he would never work with Elizabeth again.

Elizabeth was shocked by this admission.

“I just want to say that Captain Lee, he’s miserable and judgmental,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“And after living through this experience like I wouldn’t want to work with him again either.

Shane Coopersmith

Shane Coopersmith
We barely remember this dude, but we remember him being shocked about getting in trouble napping while everyone else was trying to keep the boat running. What the heck, dude?

Shane’s Firing Surprised Him

Shane's Firing Surprised Him
“You’re a good guy, but sleeping in, taking naps in the middle of cleanup, and then this morning missing your alarm,” Eddie Lucas said as he fired shane.

“It’s kind of the final straw.” Captain Lee admitted that Shane didn’t have time to catch up.

Peter Hunziker – Below Deck Meditarranean

Peter Hunziker - Below Deck Meditarranean
We barely got to know Peter by the time Bravo parted ways with him … and it was probably for the best.

Bravo edited him out of the season after a racist post on social media came to light.

“Bravo and 51 Minds are editing the show to minimize his appearance for subsequent episodes.”

Mila Kolomeitseva – Below Deck: Meditarranean

Mila Kolomeitseva - Below Deck: Meditarranean
Mila was one of the most controversial figures in the history of the show.

Her views on the LGBTQ community found everyone turning against her early on, but her food was also pretty terrible.

Mila Kolomeitseva Was a Terrible Chef

Mila Kolomeitseva Was a Terrible Chef
From licking steaks to serving guests nachos with store-bought salsa.

Captain Sandy was gobsmacked at the quality of the food. Sandy even thought some of the food made for the guests was supposed to be for the crew.

Captain Sandy Fired Mila Kolomeitseva

Captain Sandy Fired Mila Kolomeitseva
“As a human being, I have all the compassion in the world,” Captain Sandy said.

“But as a captain, I have to let you go.”

“I’m really sorry,” Sandy added.

Mila tried to dole out reasons why she was the best chef in the world, but this was one firing Captain Sandy got right.

Rachel Hargrove – Below Deck

Rachel Hargrove - Below Deck
Rachel arrived late to the boat and immediately ruffled feathers.

She wanted things in the galley a certain way and shouted expletives.

It made for good TV, but can’t begin to imagine what it must have been like working with her.

Rachel Quit in Epic Fashion

Rachel Quit in Epic Fashion
Captain Lee invited Rachel, Francesca, and Eddie to go over the next preference sheet.

“Eat my cooter,” she said before saying she would only accommodate those requests as a personal chef.

“Until then, I don’t play that game. So no.”

“I’m sorry, but the ostentatious bullshit, and then they fucking tack that onto one chef. Suck my dick.”

Rachel swiftly exited the boat and Captain Lee was left in a rough spot.

Rachel Came Back the Next Day!

Rachel Came Back the Next Day!
After having a day to think about it, Rachel returned to Below Deck.

Fortunately for her, Captain Lee was in a pinch and needed a new chef.

She also returned the following season. No hard feelings, right?


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