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Heather Chase, Chief Below Deck Stewardess, Drops N-Word on Air; Says She’s REALLY Sorry


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Oops, you guys.

Heather Chase’s major bad!

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck, Chase — the chief stewardess on the ship My Seanna — used a racial slur when in a discussion deckhand Rayna Lindsey.

To be specific, Chase dropped the N-Word after Lindsey first used it in a scene they shared together.

After Lindsey told her colleague she shouldn’t be using the epithet, Chase claimed she didn’t recall saying it … and then told another costar that being called out by Lindsey “made me feel bad.”

However, now that the public saw what actually transpired?

Chase addressed the scandal on her Instagram page Monday.

chase interview

“I am sorry for the hurt my ignorance caused Rayna in tonight’s episode,” she wrote, adding in her mea culpa:

“While I apologized to Rayna throughout the season, I cannot express enough how remorseful I am.

“Over the past nine months since this episode was filmed, I have learned how my words and actions can affect others and I vow to do better in the future.”

You can read the statement for yourself here:

chase sorry

On the episode it questionn, the My Seanna crew went out for drinks and dinner.

After Chase and Lindsay went to the restroom together, Chase yelled the N-Word in front of her crewmate.

The following morning, Chase initially refused to admit she uttered the slur.

Once Lindsay argued otherwise, Chase didd apologize.

“It’s OK I still love you, I’m just telling you,” Lindsay said on air.

heather coffeee

On her own Instagram Story, meanwhile, Lindsey answered a number of fan questions and comments about what went down, sharing that the episode airing was “traumatic” for her.

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“It’s like watching a car crash over and over again,” she wrote.

Lindsey also responded to an individual who said the cable network’s lack of a response to the situation is “disappointing.”

“@bravotv you heard the people,” Lindsey responded. “I’m very disappointed. They kept rewarding her all season and she thought she was gonna get away with it.”

more chase

Lindsey wasn’t sympathetic to Chase at all, eiither.

She told a fan the two “aren’t and have never been friends” and even claimed Chase was way “too comfortable” using this slur.

“Something happens so bad that it becomes impossible to trust anyone. With time and the reunion I hope we can unpack everything,” she wrote, before ending on a semi-positive note:

“I wish her nothing but the best though. She’s young and hopefully can learn from these mistakes.”

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