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Benefits of certification for project managers


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Know about the Benefits of certification for project managers

Finding the first job in your field of expertise is often the first challenge of immigration. There are many project manager positions, but the skills are often varied and sometimes difficult to recognize. It should also be noted that for engineers who are managers, the time required to have their diplomas recognized can take some time. We are talking about 18 months on average for holders of engineers. Thanks to the PMP certification, engineers can have their skills as project managers recognized while waiting to be registered with the order.

Historically, it was mainly the lack of training courses in project management that sparked interest in certifications: On the one hand, recruiters needed benchmarks and on the other hand, individuals wanted their qualifications recognized…This dual convergent interest has found an answer in certifications: The Recruiters can facilitate their assessments and their announcements by referring to certifications that individuals put forward to demonstrate their qualifications.

Let’s not forget that 10 or 15 years ago, many project managers learned “on the job”! Currently, many schools and universities have incorporated project management into their curricula, which allows for more structured training than before.

The certification

One way to speed up the professional integration process is to go through certification.

But then, certification or training in project management? The two! A certification is not intended to teach someone the job but to validate knowledge or skills. The training in project management takes you to master methods, tools, and techniques to manage a project well. The ideal way is therefore to train first, to learn the job of project manager, then to validate your experiences through certification.

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One thing is for sure, certification allows project managers to have their skills recognized according to clear criteria for local and international recruiters. The most recognized project management certification is the PMP certification for Project Management Professional.

It requires the manager to take a few hours of classes and pass a final exam that will assess his knowledge of best practices in project management. Many companies are attentive to certification in their recruitment, this does not necessarily mean that the project manager is better, but ensures that he will be able to integrate into a team thanks to an established level of understanding and knowledge of terminology.

The PMP certification is therefore an added value to the CV and also makes it possible to negotiate a higher starting salary than the non-certified.

Expand your networks

Choosing to have your skills certified is an asset in your job search, and also allows you to expand your network of knowledge in your professional field. Indeed, the various certification offers will allow you to meet people in your field and enter the network of PMP certified, which can help you find a job. After all, you need to deal with reputable parties, and based on our experience, we can recommend Green Projects Consulting. We hope this post was informative. Thank you for your nice attention.

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