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Best ant poison for safe extermination


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Are you impatient with the ants? Do you want to know about the best ant poison for safe extermination?

Terro’s T300 liquid ant baits are the best for killing ants, and they’re also not harmful to people and pets. Also, some safe ingredients that can quickly get rid of ants are tea tree oil, glass cleaner, liquid detergent, lemon juice, cinnamon powder, peppermint, and white vinegar. These things work as ant-killing medicine.

Excess ants often make it challenging to live indoors, and ant bites are also very poisonous. Ant bites cause acid ( HOOC-COOH) to enter your body. As a result of this chemical entering the body, it becomes swollen and burns.

Since we have to face these problems due to ants, it’s essential to get rid of ants. This article will tell you about the best ant poison for safe extermination.

Best ant poison for safe extermination

In summer, ants attack food and clothes, the bed, and the floor. Instead, try a few tricks stored near your hands, and there is no risk of any chemical reaction. Now we will describe the best ant poison for safe extermination.

White vinegar

White vinegar is beneficial for killing ants. Fill the spray machine with an equal amount of white vinegar and water. If you spray this from your spray machine, you will immediately get rid of the ants. 


If you want to use peppermint essential oil, you have to mix it with water and then use it as a spray. Boil several leaves well in a glass of water, strain them, and spray them. 

Lemon oil

Mix lemon oil directly into the bucket of water and mix more; if it becomes too thin, the lemon smell will not remain. Ants no longer smell food with the scent of lemon. If there are ants in the fridge, you can also try applying lemon juice there. Make your spray by mixing equal amounts of lemon oil and water. 

Cinnamon powder 

Sprinkle a little cinnamon powder in and around the cabinet where you keep food. Even if you put food or fruit on the table and spread the cinnamon powder around it, ants will not come. Cinnamon essential oil is also available on the market, and you can take a few drops of it and put it in the fridge or food cabinet.

Pepper powder

First of all, you have to mix one tablespoon of black pepper powder in a glass of hot water. Spray the solution as soon as you see ants. Get rid of the ant infestation.

End Talk 

Methanoic acid is excreted by ants during ant bites. That is why ant bites cause severe pain. No matter how much we clean the room, the ants do not decrease, and ants are more common in the kitchen. Although many types of ant poisoning medicine are available on the market, they should not be used, as having a tiny kid at home can be harmful. If you need help getting rid of ants visit for professional guidance. Moreover, if they are mixed with food in an accident, it’s dangerous for humans. I hope you have found your information on the best ant poison for safe extermination.

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