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Best Applications for Working Remotely


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In the present scenario, working remotely or work from home (WFH) has become a trend with professionals and smart people across this globe. These are happening due to the internet-enabled technologies, and web-enabled services are sought from different time zones and varied talents working remotely from home. The below-mentioned are some of the best apps for WFH remotely.


It is a free app specially designed for Mac users. Using this app will improve your productivity to a maximum extent. It will help you to set daily goals and remind you of what next action to take. It stops you from any online distractions and even unwanted calls coming to you. This app has the below-mentioned features.

  •       App blocker
  •       Day planner
  •       Phone silencer
  •       Session timer
  •       To-do lists
  •       Website blocker

Thus, you will work without any disturbance. It is because; you will take at least 20-minutes to come out of such disturbances while working remotely. It is a free app.


A remote working person needs the best messaging platform. Slack is the best for WFH as you will be able to streamline your communication channels without spams and notifications. It is a freemium application available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web. The key features are mentioned below.

  •       File sharing
  •       Instant messaging
  •       Screen sharing
  •       Statuses
  •       Voice & video calls
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Team collaboration is met for WFH people working in any location and in different time zones. This app will improve your productivity, as you will avoid unwanted messages.


VPN is a must have application in all your gadgets like mobiles and laptops. For better privacy protection while using the internet, a VPN service is a very useful application. You can use the free or paid version of VPN but the paid version is better. You will get access to servers of more than 50 countries with paid VPN services. When you work remotely, there are chances that you use a public network. VPN service will make your connection encrypted and due to this, it is impossible to steal your information from hackers.


Visual communication will be necessary when you work remotely. Zoom is the best video conferencing application for WFH. It is a freemium tool available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web. The key features are as follows.

  •       File sharing
  •       Messaging
  •       Video meetings
  •       Voice calls
  •       Webinars

The paid one will enable you to meet more invitees or members in video conferencing or conducting a webinar.    


The remote working people work at a convenient time. Yet, few WFH has a work time record of being paid for the actual working time than the time you keep your system on or keep your ID in login. This fermium application works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox. Its key features are as follows.

  •       Boost profits
  •       Cross-platform
  •       Reports
  •       Time tracking
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Your work time with a productivity report is the best to submit while invoicing.

Google Drive

It is the best application for teams working from home remotely to share documents and store them on the Google Cloud as free space. It is an app by Google Inc, which functions on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web. It has the below-mentioned key features.

  •       Cloud storage
  •       Collaboration
  •       Document Sharing

You have access to use up to 15GB of free space. It will help you to get more space by becoming a paid member.

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