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Bingo’s Top Marketing Tactics


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Bingo is a classic game that most people are familiar with, which potentially makes its marketing trickier. How are bingo operators dealing with this challenge and appealing to new players in a way that helps the industry to grow?   

Free Games of Bingo

Sometimes the most obvious marketing strategies are the best, and in this case, we can see some sensible options on the Paddy Power bingo site. The list of Paddy’s online bingo offers feature free games, which are available in a specific room. They also have a welcome offer for newcomers that gives them free spins on slot games as well as bonus funds. However, the six hours of free bingo each day catches the eye.

This introduces new players to the game without any hassle, and lets them see what it’s all about. Naturally, this approach only works when the bingo operator is confident that they offer quality games that players will want to come back to once they’ve tried it for free. The free games can be played by any registered user at certain times of day, so it gives people the chance to come back each time and play. This advice from Entrepreneur goes into more details on why giving something for free is a good business move.

Boosted Jackpot and Guaranteed Prizes

The social element of bingo is a huge part of its appeal, but the marketing teams who work for bingo sites know that things like big prizes are useful in grabbing the attention of future players. This is why they often promote offers like boosted jackpots, where the normal top prize has been increased.

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With the use of guaranteed jackpots, the bingo sites let players see that they can aim for a certain size of prize each time. While there’s no guarantee who will win the jackpot, the idea of having a big prize to be won randomly by one of the site’s players can be enough to encourage some people to start playing.  

Wacky Elements and Funny Marketing Campaigns

While bingo is a straightforward game, the marketing for it has become interesting over the years, as marketers decide to take a wacky, fun approach to things. This can be seen in the amusing adverts we’ve seen over the years, and also in the stunts where huge games or bingo are held or the game is played in unusual locations.

We’ve also seen new names invented for the legendary bingo calls on different numbers. A look at the strangest Guiness world records for bingo lets us see the lengths that people go to when they do something memorable, and in many cases, the stunt is part of an advertising campaign for a bingo brand. This can be successful because we love to hear about wild stunts, and the bingo aspect adds an everyday activity to something out of the ordinary.

All of these tactics have helped give bingo a unique place in our hearts. While it remains as a game of chance where we wait eagerly to see if our numbers come up, the clever marketing strategies we’ve looked at have helped to give it a unique position in the market that adds to the game’s appeal.

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