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Brian Laundrie Remains Ravaged by Florida Wildlife, Medical Examiner’s Report Reveals


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Last year, following the heartbreaking murdery of Gabby Petito and a lengthy manhunt, Brian Laundrie’s remains were found.

Laundrie’s cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. After fleeing authorities as the most wanted fugitive in the country, he died by suicide.

For months, further details beyond Laundrie’s death and confession were kept under wraps until the medical examiner’s report was ready.

Now, the report reveals the grisly details of what experts found when examining Laundrie’s remains.

Long before the 23-year-old fugitive’s remains were found, it was expected that he was likely no longer alive.

There are many hazards to attempting to live in the wilderness, particularly in Florida.

Though Brian Laundrie took his own life, his full autopsy report confirms that those dangers found him even after death.

On Monday, February 14, the full 47-page autopsy report was released by Florida’s District 12 Medical Examiner’s Office.

Laundrie’s remains were described as “skeletal” by examiners.

Bones belonging to Laundrie showed signs of “moderately extensive carnivore activity evidenced by multiple gouging and gnawing marks.”

Many had speculated that alligators would certainly access Laundrie, before or after his death.

However, the report shared that the predators that scavenged his corpse were more mammalian in nature.

The medical examiner’s office concluded that the markings were “consistent” with feral dogs, coyotes, rodents, or raccoons.

“Multiple long bones including bones of the arms and legs all disclose carnivore predation activity,” the report read.

This predation activity was “characterized by gnawing and chewing.”

Items found near the remains included green shorts, shoes, a backpack, a white metal ring, and a “short-barrel revolver handgun with extensive rust.”

The contents of the “handwritten half note” were not disclosed in the medical examiner’s report.

This, along with a red hat, were found at a secondary location, alongside some animal remains.

A green backpack contained an unpitched tent and flares were also found there.

A dry bag was found, containing “a journal along with a wooden box that contained a small notebook and photographs.”

Laundrie appeared in some of those photos.

This was only about 250 feet away from where Laundrie’s remains were found.

Last month, the FBI confirmed that Laundrie had left a written confession to the murder of Gabby Petito.

The admission was found in a notebook alongside his remains.

With that, the nation’s foremost law enforcement agency concluded that Petito’s tragic murder was officially solved.

Most considered it a foregone conclusion that Laundrie had murdered his girlfriend.

Eyewitnesses described him yelling and even striking her in full view of the public.

Given that most abusers go to great lengths to hide their violent natures, it was only natural for people to wonder how much worse things were in private.

A small but sinister backlash emerged during the early days of the manhunt for Laundrie, however.

Incels, “men’s rights” activists, and white nationalists (a venn diagram of those groups is mostly just one circle) rallied to defend Laundrie even after his disappearance.

In their eyes, the instant villification of Laundrie in the media showed how society “treats men,” treats white men, and also treats bald men.

The Gabby Petito case also drew constructive criticism as yet another example of how a conventionally attractive white woman’s case receives more attention than others.

Dozens of women of color had gone missing in the past decade in the same area where Petito was murdered, but did not receive even 1% of the attention.

The Petito family acknowledged this and, even as they mourned Gabby, used their platform to shine attention upon other families who were just as desperate for answers.

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