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Amber Portwood BLASTS Jenelle Evans: That Hillbilly Loser Can’t Even Get a Job!


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Amber Portwood has never been one to mince words.

Over the course of her career as one of the OG Teen Moms, Amber has hurled insults, instigated feuds, and reveled in her reputation as one of reality TV’s most infamous villains.

So when Jenelle Evans made a snide comment about Portwood’s past this week, she probably did so with the expectation that her fellow MTV alum would clap back.

And the mother of two definitely did not disappoint.

Amber, Jenelle

The trouble began during a recent episode of Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Jenelle was not invited to participate in the show for a slew of obvious reasons, but after Farrah Abraham showed up, it seemed like anything was possible.

When Ashley Jones suggested that Evans might be the next unexpected arrival, Portwood shuddered at the thought.

“She should stay, just away from me,” Amber joked.

That two-second exchange was the only mention of Jenelle, but because Evans has been waiting for this moment since the show began, she was quick to pounce on it.

“You know what’s crazy? They still wanna talk about me too,” she raged in a TikTok video, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

When a fan pointed out Jenelle’s obsession, writing, “As much as you hate MTV you sure do talk about them a lot,” Evans promptly responded, “They sure do talk about me a lot too.” 

We don’t know about “a lot,” but whatever you need to tell yourself, Jenelle.

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Anyway, the commentary continued from there, with one Jenelle fan (yes, apparently such a thing exists) writing:

“It’s hilarious that Amber’s still on th show with her episodes.”

Again, Jenelle didn’t miss a beat, quickly replying, “And a machete.”

This reference to Portwood’s domestic violence arrest was obviously meant to get under her skin — and it accomplished exactly that!

“I don’t really want to say their name, they know who they are,” Amber said in an Instagram Live over the weekend.

“Hillbilly trash, f–king disgusting, weirdos…”

In case there was any doubt about to whom she’s referring, Portwood then referenced the fact that the Easons are terminally unemployed.

“I can say right now, I still got a job!” Amber said.

“Like, it’s been years, and I just want to say: cut the crap out, ya know?” 

From there, Portwood became the latest to point out that Jenelle got fired from MTV several years ago, and it’s probably time for her to move on.

“The little comments, though, the little jabs at me, about being scared and stuff. Jenelle, honey; what are you talking about, sweetie? Grow up,” she said.

“What are you writing and why is this s–t getting sent to me? Why is my name in your mouth?”

Portwood went on to remind Jenelle that she might have had a chance of being cast on TMFR if she hadn’t also insisted on bringing David along.

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“Because I said I didn’t want you [on the show] because of your crazy husband? Sitting there saying crazy stuff and he’s just weird,” Amber said.

“He just does too much. He’s ridiculous. It’s too much of a trigger.

“I didn’t mean you. But if you want to take it like that, whatever. I meant your dude; your dude is on the level,” Amber said, noting that David is even crazier than her!

“He’s on a level I’m not even on! So don’t take it personally. I wouldn’t.”

Crazy recognizes crazy, so Amber concluded her rant with a prediction about Jenelle’s response that will no doubt be proven accurate:

“You’d probably take it personally if I was talking about your guy, but I don’t want you to feel like that, honestly. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him either,” she said.

“He’s just one to speak of me. I just never say anything back, but man, this has gotta stop.”

Jenelle and David are probably working on their responses at this very moment, but in the end, the joke is still on them.

After all, Amber is at least getting paid to drum up interest in the fading Teen Mom franchise!


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