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Britney Spears Flaunts Her Peach in Yellow String Bikini


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Britney Spears has one of the hottest bodies on the planet.

That statement is as true now as it was two decades ago.

She’s not just a MILF, she’s one of the most talented performers on the planet — and of all time.

Britney knows it, and has even taken her fans and followers on a virtual tour through her fitness routine.

Playing “Work Bitch,” her own magnificent song, she has reminded everyone of the cost of a hot body like hers.

It’s not attainable for everyone, but Britney has found a routine that works for her … and the results speak for themselves.

As she displays her most recent celebrations at the beach, Britney chose a very different song.

Instead of her own music, Britney opted for “Bodak Yellow,” widely regarded as Cardi B’s breakout song.

Yes, she was famous before the song, but “Bodak Yellow” was the song of her ascension.

Britney’s favorite color is very famously yellow, which makes the song a natural choice.

Additionally, the song’s defiant tone is thematically appropriate for this phase in Britney’s life.

Newly liberated from being under her father’s control, she has been clapping back at those who have wronged her.

“Bodak Yellow” is a good clapback anthem, because it is a song about success.

Britney has ousted her father from her conservatorship.

She has also been absolutely terrorizing Jamie Lynn, her sister, accusing her of lying in her ridiculous new book.

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Of course, Britney is not the only one accusing Jamie Lynn of misleading or straight-up lying to her readers.

However, Britney is certainly the most famous woman who recalls being wronged by her less talented, less liked little sister.

Many were disgusted by Jamie Lynn’s perceived attempt to capitalize on her big sister’s fame and her struggle for freedom by publishing this book.

Contrary to the impression that some headlines might give you, Britney’s primary focus hasn’t been Jamie Lynn’s antics.

She’s not the sister who is obsessed with the other.

Instead, Britney has been enjoying her freedom and her hunky fiance, Sam Asghari.

Britney isn’t just in charge of her own finances.

She is also in control of her own life.

That means everything from where she travels to how many sodas she drinks to what she posts on Instagram.

Even when Britney’s awful dad was no longer her conservator of person, he still controlled her finances for some time.

This meant that, in practice, he had veto power over anything that cost money.

From removing her IUD to reverse her forced sterilization to going on vacation, Britney had to get Daddy Dearest to sign off. No longer.

Britney can now enjoy the dignity and fundamental human rights of being a grown woman.

Yes, sometimes her posts will be goofy — like we’d expect from a 40-year-old mom. That’s her right.

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We’re just happy that she is living her best life.

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