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Britney Spears Says She’s MARRIED to Sam Asghari, Suggests Brittany Murphy Got Murdered In Puzzling Instagram Posts


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For most of her adult life, Britney Spears’ social media use was carefully monitored by the conniving manipulators who controlled her conservatorship.

Prior to that, her public life was strictly controlled by a team of handlers who ensured that she projected the most profitable image possible at all possible.

So in a sense, we’re just now getting our first glimpses of the real Britney.

And the 40-year-old mother of two is making up for lost time by really baring all.

And we’re not just talking about the topless photos Britney has been posting recently.

After years of having her communications with fans strictly regulated, Britney is living her best life and speaking her truth directly to her 40 million Instagram followers.

When Britney got engaged to Sam Asghari back in September of last year, she shared the news with fans herself.

And now, some commenters are convinced that Spears has subtly revealed that she went ahead and married Asghari in a low-key ceremony sometime in the past week.

“Such an amazing pic of my husband @samasghari !!!!” Brit captioned the photo above.

“He’s such a hard worker and he amazes me each day with his passion for life !!!! I’m so lucky to be able to share my life with him …. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

Yes, Brit just casually referred to Sam as her husband.

Fans were quick to take note with many offering words of congratulations to “Britney Asghari.”

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According to UK tabloid The Daily Mirror, even Rosie O’Donnell commented “Congratulations” on Britney’s post.

Sam commented as well, and interestingly, he didn’t deny that he and Britney are hitched.

“I’m saying no more cake baby no please,” Ashgari wrote.

Cake? Like wedding?! Or was Britney just jokingly referring to Sam as her husband, something that she’s done at least once before?

Well, if these two are really married, then they got hitched very recently.

Just yesterday, Brit referred to Sam as her fiance while wishing him a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday  to my Fiancé … I love you so much … I want a family with you … I want it all with you !!!!” she captioned the pic below.

So yeah, she and Sam probably aren’t married, but it sounds like they are planning on having a kid together.

And if that’s not exciting news, we don’t know what is!

Another post of Britney’s that’s raising eyebrows this week concerns the mysterious 2009 death of Britany Murphy.

Britney on Brittany

Medical investigators attributed Murphy’s passing to multiple drug toxicity and untreated pneumonia.

But many fans feel that the whole story has never been made public, and it seems that Spears is among those who still have questions:

“I saw this online today …. is anybody else curious ???'” the singer wrote this week, alongside an October People magazine cover with a photo of Murphy.

“She died at 32 … HMMMMMMMMMMM… JUST SAYING !!!! Psss I know it was a while ago but come on …they are STILL INVESTIGATING !!!!”

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Five months after Murphy passed away, her fiance, Simon Monjack died in the same house.

Drug toxicity and pneumonia are also listed as Monjack’s causes of death.

Britney didn’t mention this in her post, but she’s the one who sold the house to Murphy.

Spears briefly lived there while she was dating Justin Timberlake.

TMZ reports that the pop icon decided to move out simply because she didn’t like the vibe of the place.

Bizarrely, Monjack said that Murphy had qualms of her own and considered the house “unlucky.”

We don’t know if there was any foul play involved, but the situation is certainly suspicious.

And if anyone knows about all the shady shenanigans that happen in Hollywood, it’s Mrs. Spears-Asghari!


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