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Clayton Echard to Bachelor Nation: Give Me a Break, Will Ya?!?


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Clayton Echard would really like you to reserve judgment.

Yes, you.

He’s talking about almost all of you.

Appearing this week as a guest on the podcast Clickbait with Bachelor Nation — with hosts Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker and guest co-host Deandra Kanu — the 26th Bachelor took some issue with the backlash he’s noticed out there on social media in regard to his ongoing romantic journey.

And he doesn’t think it’s warranted.

“Today’s day and age, everybody likes to jump and push their opinion out as quick as they can,” Echard complained to the Bachelor alums.

“With technology and Twitter and all these different avenues, we’re able to get out our opinions as quick as possible.”

There’s been some criticism that Clayton is boring and that this season is even more scripted than past seasons of the ABC franchise and it sounds like Clayton sort of understands many of these critiques.

However, he wishes “people would just wait until the full story is out,” as he explained on the aforementioned podcast.

Heck, the 28-year old even acknowledges “some validity” to some of their arguments online. 

He said he expects “to face criticism” as he “did not do things perfectly,” most notably when it came to keeping Shanae Ankney around for as long as he did.

After watching episodes with that villainous suitor play out, Clayton previously admitted he totally screwed up.

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Still… Echard would love if everyone would just give him a break and wait to see how everything plays out.

“I’ve had really great conversations with previous bachelors [and] bachelorettes,” Clayton added air.

He did so in order to prepare himself for the fallout that many series leads have faced, adding that this discussions “have really put it in perspective that, ‘hey, a lot of what you’re feeling, a lot of this hate that you see online is temporary.

“‘And it can change very quickly.'”

Previously a source close to production exclusively told E! News that “Clayton is really struggling with the criticism he has taken for the decisions he has made on the show.”

Echard himself has said he’s had some regrets over getting cast in this role, too.

On the podcast, Clayton added that his family — including his mom, dad and brothers — “check in about once a week.”

“I live with my brother currently,” he told listeners. “

We watch the episodes together. He keeps it pretty lighthearted. He makes fun of me; says I have no game and just loves to bash everything about me. But that’s our dynamic. He’s been great to have around.”

As for how things actually will play out?

Let’s just say we may be in for a truly historic season finale.

Buckle up, folks.


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